Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TOTR: Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders

Welcome back for another edition of Tuesdays on the Run hosted by ErikaApril, and Patty! Today's topic is Running Bras - those lovely things that support the girls.

As any female runner knows, support for the girls is important - whether you've got ample cleavage to tame or just a little bit, knowing that you can run free without worry of bouncing, rubbing, or other uncomfortable things happening makes it so much easier to enjoy the run!

There are pretty much a ton of different types and styles and brands and level of support when it comes to running bras. Believe me, I've been through quite a few myself! When I first started exercising I didn't need much so I was able to pick up a medium support Danskin from Walmart for about $10-12 which fit right into my budget at the time. Honestly, I had begun many a workout program that never stuck, so I really didn't want to drop a huge chunk of change on a wardrobe that may end up sitting unused. So the cheapie bra was perfect for me...THEN. 

But as I began running more and running longer distances, it quickly became apparent that the cheapie Danskin bra, even though I had transitioned to high impact, was not going to cut it. I ended up getting a lot of painful chafing under the girls and that was absolutely NO fun! It didn't take more than a couple times of that happening to realize it was time to make a change and that you get what you pay for. 

My first, what I consider to be a "REAL" bra was a Saucony Bounce Trouncer and it made me question my entire existence and why I had waited so gosh darn long to get a real honest to goodness sports bra made for running! It was like the heavens opened and the angels sang Hallelujah when I wore that bra!! Sure, it wasn't cheap by any means and the price tag proved it. But it was honestly worth every single penny to never have to worry about bounce or chafing. 

Not a great picture, but click the pic and it will take you to the website where you can look at it in better detail. At about $50 it's an investment for sure, but it is definitely great quality!

When I became an ambassador for Skirt Sports I purchased a Kelly bra and just like with the Bounce Trouncer I was amazed at how awesome the support and fit is without any rubbing or movement whatsoever. I would say that my Kelly bra is definitely comparable in quality with the Saucony, but maybe a little step up. So if the Saucony is a 4.5, the Skirt Sports Kelly bra is a 5. (and just look at that awesome Razz color...yes, please!!)

What I love the most about the Kelly bra is the front adjustable straps that are easy to get the perfect fit on thanks to the velcro, but still holds so securely I never worry if it is going to fail me. The other cool thing is how easy it is to convert from regular straps to criss-cross straps. The Bounce Trouncer has convertible straps too, but honestly it is so hard to do, I never change them and just leave the straps in the traditional U shape. The last really awesome thing about the Kelly bra is that you can purchase "bra bling"! Bra Bling is straps that come in cute, funky patterns that you can easily change on your bra to give you an entirely different look...very cool in my opinion and a girl always loves accessories! And these are for your BRA!?!? Um, hello - BRILLIANT!

So there you have my two favorite bras, and I only have two because who needs to keep looking when you've already found perfection?!? The Kelly comes in at a slightly higher price point at $65, but don't forget you can use SSPQL20 for 20% off! 

And since we are talking about boobies, let me just remind you that the Skirt Sports Virtual Boobie Run is right around the corner, but it's not too late to get registered! Just click the picture below and use the same discount code I just gave you right above for 20% off the registration which includes a $70 voucher to get your very own Skirt Sports bra! They have several different styles, but you could always get my favorite, The Kelly!

* Just a reminder, I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and was provided the bra of my choice free of charge, but all opinions of that bra are my own and I have not been asked to include any Skirt Sports products in this post. I just happen to really, really love my Kelly bra! 

Question: What do you most look for in a sports/running bra? What's your max price point on a really great sports bra?


  1. I've never tried Skirt Sports products but hear great things about them!

    1. I know that I have loved every single item I've gotten from Skirt Sports! Hope you give them a try sometime!

  2. I'm super cheap, so I've been really happy to get the discount on the Skirt Sports bras. I'm slowly replacing all my cheap ones...