Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ToTR: Fall Racing Schedule

Today is another awesome Tuesdays on the Run topic - Fall Racing Schedule! The lovely gals behind the ToTR linkup are: MCM Mama Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere, and My No-Guilt Life. Don't forget to stop by one of their pages to check out the other posts for today's topic.

Before I jump into today's topic though, I first need to share some pictures with you of Joshua's first day of school!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk Fall Racing Schedule. I actually have a really great schedule shaping up and I'm excited about every single race! Let's take a look...

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First up on the schedule is a virtual race on September 12 - The Skirt Sports Boobie Run. This race is all about the TaTa's and when you register, instead of a shirt you'll never wear or a medal that you'll hang on the rack (hahaha - that could be a really bad pun right there) that gathers dust, you get a $70 Skirt Sports gift certificate to pick out the right bra for you! Personally, I love the Kelly Bra and I know they have a variety of styles to meet the needs of everyone between A - DD. AND you get to enjoy a virtual run or walk of either 8k or 8 miles because, you get it, the 8 on its side is like the TaTa's. Very clever, Skirt Sports...very clever.

Next up is the first physical (AKA non-virtual) race of the fall season on October 3 - Hometown Heroes Honor Run. This race benefits the Riverside Police Officers Association and the money they raise goes to an injured officer or his family. The first year the profits went to help an officer that was injured during the Christopher Dorner rampage and he actually ran the race last year! So it goes to a great cause and I'm always happy to support this race. Another great benefit is that this one is the first in the Riverside Challenge race series. I'll be running the 5k again this year, and this race is the one that holds my current 5k PR. I'm not expecting a PR this year though.

October 25 is my third half marathon of 2015 and my 6th half marathon overall for the Temecula Half Marathon. I'm doing this one with a group of people from work. Several of us will be doing the half, but even more will be participating in the 5k, along with my daughter Michelle doing her second 5k race. This race will be mostly for fun and the camaraderie of participating with my daughter and co-workers.

Next up is the Mission Inn Run on November 8 - This is the second in the Run Riverside Challenge and I've done the 10k race the past several years, but am going to do the 5k this time out. Since I'm not familiar with the 5k course, I'll also be doing this one for fun and just to get a baseline of where I'm at after a few months of training with my running coach (still so bizarre to say that!), Tiffany.

The following weekend on November 15 I'll be running the Surfers Point 10k in Ventura with my running pal, Sally. This is the real reason I'm only doing the 5k at the Mission Inn the week before. I am hoping that I can nail a 10k PR at this race since it is flat, near the beach so the weather should be good, and I'll be with my speedier friend Sally. If she paces me I think I can pull off a PR.

And technically, that is my Fall Racing Schedule! I do have a half marathon in January (the third in the Run Riverside Challenge), but I don't consider that to be part of the fall season. So I'll reserve talking about that one until a different day. :-) I'm really surprised that my fall racing schedule came together so nicely and as I mentioned previously, I'm excited for all of them!

Question: What is on your fall schedule whether it is racing or other activities?


  1. Good Lord I'm tired just reading that! HA!

    We don't have any real schedule for exercise that's different but we do have a trip planned and paddling will be a big part of it which is something new for us. Hopefully it'll help us work off some regional food calories! :-)

    1. Burning off regional food calories is a great way to spend the fall season!! :-)

  2. What a great fall schedule! I am also running the Skirt Sports Virtual Boobie Run! I LOVE the bra I bought with my gift card :)

    1. Awesome! I have never been disappointed in anything I've gotten from Skirt Sports (and I would say that even if I wasn't an Ambassador!) :-)

  3. I can't believe I forgot about the Booby run on my race schedule. I'll actually get to Skirt Sports about the time that everyone finishes running. So sad. Reminds me that I need to buy another bra too...

    1. You can't forget the boobies!! ;-) But the Skirt Sports gift certificate you get with your registration will be perfect for getting the new bra you need! Woohoo!!!