Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Snack and Run - My Fave On-the-Go Snacks

In the FitApproach/Sweat Pink world we are all talking about our favorite on-the-go snacks these days! Everyone has know, the ones that you grab when you're in a pinch and need something quick or something portable. So let's see what some of my favorite on-the-go snacks are.

Mixed Nuts

I'm like a little squirrel because I just love nuts. It's weird that so many of my kids can't stand them, but it works for me because nobody eats my stash!! These days I've been throwing together my own mix of almonds, pecans, and walnuts. I keep them in the refrigerator and then portion out 5-6 small tupperware cups for the week and just grab one and throw it in my bag for whenever I need a snack. I've actually eaten them while standing in lines or even just sitting at my desk. So portable, yet they satisfy that need for crunch.

SunRype Fruit Products

Yes, I'm an ambassador through the Active Network for SunRype, and yes, I'm provided product at no cost to me for my own use and for sharing with others. BUT, seriously, I would not have chosen to be an ambassador for 2014 and 2015 if I didn't believe in the product. And I absolutely 100% believe in SunRype fruit products. They are absolutely delicious and I can eat them with zero guilt because they have nothing but naturally occurring fruit sugars in them. Zero additives, Zero preservatives, and Zero added sugar. Nothing but fruity goodness. I would buy them all on my own and will long after I'm no longer an ambassador. And bonus - they are soooooooooooo easy to just grab and throw in my purse or bag as they travel nicely and they are super refreshing especially out on a hiking trail.

If you don't already Like SunRype USA on Facebook or Instagram, do so now as they have lots of great contests and promotions!!

Luna Protein Bars

These aren't as portable or easy to carry as SunRype or mixed nuts, but they are so friggin' good!!! I just love them as I really feel like I'm getting a "treat" when I have one. I really like throwing one in my hydration vest pocket when I head out for a hike as it keeps it from getting all melty and it's the perfect protein boost to keep me from feeling totally famished. My favorite flavors are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Mint Chocolate Chip. But, honestly, they are all delicious...except for coconut. Coconut is never delicious.*

*that's my opinion and one that will never be changed. So, there.


I have to say that I'm really picky about the ripeness of my bananas, but when they are just the perfect yellow, maybe still a little bit green, and definitely before any brown spots appear, they are amazing!! I love that they come in their own packaging and are easy to just grab and eat anywhere. Need a snack while driving in the car? Eat a banana. Need a snack pre-race? Eat a banana. Need a snack post-race? Eat a banana. They are just so easy. And who doesn't like to sing a little Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl while eating their banana????

Side Note: I find it so terribly sad that Gwen and Gavin Rossdale are splitting after 13 years. I seriously thought those two would be together to the end. So many marriages have become disposable and it's just heartbreaking.

Alright, there's some of my top on-the-go snacks. So tell me - what is your top snack for when you're on the run? I'm always looking for new favorites!


  1. I may check out those luna bars. We got a Kashi peanut peanut butter bar (not a typo) for when we paddle and they were dry as hell. I need something in the 130-150 calorie range with at least 7g of protein so the search continues.

    I too was sad over Gwen and Gavin but for some weird reason, it didn't surprise me. I always felt like she was a little more invested than he was. Pics of them together always looked like he was forced to be there or something. I always wanted her to get back with Tony from No Doubt.

    1. They pack a little more of a calorie punch at about 180-190, but it does have 12g of protein and they definitely aren't dry. The consistency is more like a really dense nougat candy bar and isn't all chalky like some protein bars can be. During the week I will eat them for a mid-morning snack (I usually eat a fairly light breakfast) and they keep me completely satisfied until lunch and even allows me to eat a little less at lunch since I don't go into it completely starving. I pick them up at Target or Sprouts for about $1/each.