Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh Summer...Where Did You Go??

It's so weird to even think this, especially as the days are just barely really starting to heat up, but it is pretty much the end of summer in my little world!!

It's so different than it was when I was a kid (remember how I told you my old lady game was strong...yep, still is!) and we had all the way until the day after Labor Day to run around like crazy fools drunk on sunshine and chlorine water. Now, summer is over before the hottest days even hit. So bizarre...

In my neck of the woods next Monday, August 10th, is the first day of school for k-12. Today also marks the last day of my 10-hour summer work schedule. Next Monday we return to our regular 4-9-4 work week. The following week our classes start back up again.

This year the end of summer feels somewhat bittersweet. It really feels like the end of some things because this is it, my oldest grandkid is starting Kindergarten!! It's so strange that it doesn't even seem like just yesterday that he was a little wide-eyed baby mewling like a kitten, but it seems like just last year that his friggin' MOM was a wide-eyed baby mewling like a kitten!!

Yup - that little thing right there is starting Kindergarten.
I also really enjoyed my summer long weekends this year and am thoroughly going to miss them. There are some years that they feel really difficult, and other years that I barely even notice. Last summer I was so consumed by marathon training that I felt like a lot of Fridays off were just spent relaxing before the long run on Saturday. This year I actually enjoyed doing a mix of things like hiking, relaxing, getting stuff done, and more. So to say goodbye to them already is definitely a boo-hoo worthy moment!

So the seasons they just keep coming fast and furious and it seems like when one has barely begun we are already onto the next one. I've heard from several sources that Halloween costumes are starting to make appearances in stores!! Pumpkin Spice creamer is out on some store shelves!!! I'm guessing that in another week the school supplies will be replaced with Halloween candy and decorations in full force. I love fall, but man, I just want to hold onto a little bit more summer. I'm not ready to let it go just yet...


  1. Dude...not to be weird but...I'd maim for those legs. Rawr!

    1. You are WAY too kind!! But thanks girl - I'll take the compliment and don't think it's weird at all! After all, we've "known" each other for YEARS now! :-)