Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm a Runner, You're a Runner...

Yeah...the rest of that would be "wouldn't you like to be a runner too???" But the reality is that not everyone WANTS to be a runner! I know...*gasp*, right??? ;-)

But for those of us that are "runners" there is a lot to debate about what exactly makes a runner. Is it someone that runs 8 minute miles? Someone that has only one foot on the ground at a time? Someone that is pushing themselves to be faster than they would be just walking? Yeah...lots of debate to be had. Adding to that debate is Pearl Izumi who created a series of ads about "we are not joggers". Oh what's this? There's a difference between runners and joggers? What might that be?? More to debate. Personally, I don't think there's a difference between runners and joggers. Sometimes I'm a runner, sometimes I'm a jogger. No I don't run 8-minute miles and I probably never will. BUT I do run. Don't get me wrong...I push myself to go as fast as I possibly can. Yet, sometimes when I punch in my run on a tracker it comes back and says I was WALKING. SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I beg to differ...my running is most definitely NOT walking.

So here's the thing - I'm a runner. I've run multiple 5k's - no I didn't win my age group. I've run two 10k's...and no, I didn't win my age group. I've even run two - TWO - half marathons! And, no...I didn't win my age group on those either. So you may be wondering how it even is that I have the nerve to call myself a runner right? Well, I can call myself a runner because I bear the marks of one!

  • I have runner's calves! You don't get those babies by sitting on a couch, yo! You EARN them by pounding the pavement...and that I have done - oh yes, I have!
  • I have a black toenail! Normally, that wouldn't be a good thing...but I earned that baby pounding out 13.1 miles. And let me tell ya - 13.1 miles may not be a full marathon, but it's more than an average person can say they have gone whether running, jogging, wogging, walking, slogging, whatever!
  • I have KT Tape and know how to use it! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then well, never mind. Look it up on Google or something. LOL
  • I have a Garmin and know how to use it! And I do use it...usually 3x a week at least and I have splits, and pace, and all that jazz.
The point of the matter is that nobody else can define me but me! Nobody can tell me that I'm NOT a runner, because I know that's a lie. I don't care that I haven't won my age group in any of the races I've competed in and probably won't until I'm only one of 3 in it. I don't care that some trackers try to say that my "run" is a walk. I don't care if Pearl Izumi says that they are "not joggers" with disdain at those that are. What I care about is that I AM A RUNNER. And nobody can take that away from me...my black toenail tells me so!