Friday, April 26, 2013

My Dog Needs a Psychiatrist

I would like to introduce you all to Miss Daisy Mae. She is a Bichon Frise and has been a member of the family since she was 3 months old. She is now 8 years old. And she needs a Psychiatrist.

Miss Daisy sporting the "leisure" look
So you may be thinking she needs help for her mental illness because she likes to dress in children's clothes, but you'd be wrong. Okay - so the story behind the jammies? My kids did that as a form of torture. j/k about the torture. But the kids really did do that to her...and she didn't seem to really mind all that much. Doesn't she sport that leisure look well, though? :-)

Anyways, the reason she needs a doctor/therapist is because she is CRAZY. She goes through these phases where she adopts stuffed creatures as her "baby". But I think she really worries about her "baby" because it doesn't do anything! So then she whines constantly and then moves it around to different places. She buries it in blankets and pillows. She stuffs it in little holes to protect it. And whines, and whines and whines. When she goes outside the first thing once she comes back in is run around looking for her "baby" all in a panic like it got up and moved. We've tried hiding it in the past to get her to mellow out, but she always finds it. She sniffs it out.

She eventually gets over it, usually when she gnaws off its ears or tail (she's had a little mouse squeaker toy, and a little monkey...makes no difference, she'll adopt it if the need hits). This time around she has decided this little nasty Christmas kitty cat is her baby. It's been her chew toy for years, but now her psychosis set back in and now it's the "baby".

So yeah, my dog needs help. I'm debating finding a male dog to breed her (we never have), but my one major concern is if she is this crazy about a pretend baby what would she do with a real one???

But in the meantime, we just try reminding her that her baby is fine. Crazy dog...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Not a "Blogger"

From Google Search

So I did some thinking about this whole blogging thing and what I wanted out of it, and what I was willing to put into it. And at the time I realized that #1 - I don't have time to turn blogging into a full-time job; #2 - I don't have a desire to turn blogging into a full-time job; and #3 - I can't turn blogging into a full-time job because I have awesome benefits in my REAL full-time job.

So then I thought - why am I doing it then??? And you know, I was somewhat shaken because I went into blogging as a way to chronicle my journey, easily share with friends and family what I'm up to, and get my thoughts out in a way that allowed reflection and exploration. But when I asked myself the question of "why am I doing it then????" I didn't remember all those reasons. All I was thinking about was the fact that there are so many bloggers that for them this is a full-time job. They promote themselves on social media platforms, they put regular words into something akin to poetry, they take beautiful pictures, they sign up for races all over the place, they are structured in their training, and they are fast. Pretty much all things that I do not do because of lots of reasons...time being the top of that list.

BUT then I realized that being a "blogger" is what works for them. I don't need to compare my blog to theirs because I don't have the ability or the desire to be that. I'm not a "blogger"...I'm just a person that wants a space to share my journey whether it be with family or friends or people I've never met.

So even though I've taken a long absence from the blog, I realize that the desire to share isn't gone. Just the desire to be a "blogger" is gone. And I'm okay with that! So if you want to keep reading along, I'd love to have you sharing my journey with me! And if you ARE a "blogger", then I salute you! I admire what you do and put into this on a daily basis...because, believe me - taking pictures, thinking up topics, learning and doing all the design stuff, hosting giveaways and sponsors, (oh my!!) is very time consuming! And that's not even touching on the fact that you "bloggers" are putting your very personal lives out there in the big, bad world for all to see and you touch us out here in the world in amazing ways! You remind us that we are all flawed, that we all have things we wish we were, that we are all striving to be better at something, and more importantly that we CAN be a better person. And it matters - it really does!

Speaking of bloggers - feel free to post links to some of your favorites in the comments as I'm always looking for new people to inspire me! Thanks!!!