Friday, August 26, 2011

Quality Found

Okay, I am doing this from my phone today so hopefully it is readable. I'm sitting on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad CA and let me tell ya - it is QUALITY. I am in my favorite little green beach chair with Pandora set to classical in one ear and the sound of crashing waves, giggling kids and seagulls in the other. As I sit here staring at the never-ending horizon you can't help but feel so small...all the worries of life shrink away and the majesty of this world we have been given comes into focus as if looking through a fish eye lens. As I watch brightly colored umbrellas pop up around me and watch chubby toddlers waddle through the sand I am simply in awe of how easy it is to forget that there is more to life than the daily grind. Life is just simply amazing and we have so many things to be grateful for if we just take the time to appreciate it. We have brightly colored dragonflies and itty bitty sand crabs. We have blue skies that stretch into eternity and water that does the same right along with it. We have instruments and the composers and players to turn them from a tool into something amazing. Violin strings and soft clarinets combine to make something so much more than is like the feeling of a breeze on a hot summer day.

In other words, today I am not just in the pursuit of a quality life; I am IN a quality life and I plan to keep it with me for as long as possible. But the thing I must remember even when I am no longer sitting on the beach pondering the majesty is that there is quality all around us in our every day.

So what are you finding today that speaks quality? Share away in the comments! :-)