Monday, October 10, 2011

My Smile for Today...

Driving into work and the gradual sunrise peeking over the mountains and hills that form the valley I live in. The sun isn't over the mountains yet, but it is blazing the hills behind me glimpsed in the rear view mirror so that it is shadow in front and fire behind in the colors of soft rosy pink and pumpkin glow orange. Then just before making the final turn the sun peeks above the mountain creating a bright halo of sunshine saying "Good Morning"! The sky changes from a dusk blue to the color of faded flowers in an instant and the world is transformed, for just the briefest moment, before it takes on the look of perfect blue cloudless sky and bright Autumn sun.

My closing shot for today is another M.A.G.raphy from Melissa Grimes. I don't know what she's named it, but I call it "Streets of Gold":