Monday, September 21, 2015

Running With It!

Because my bestie totally gets me!! She sent this last Monday and it was exactly what I needed. LOL

Okay, so this week I am back to a regular posting schedule of Monday-Thursday! I'm making that promise to myself right now and am declaring it out loud. I feel like September has gone by in a blur and I kind of knew it would but I didn't do a very good job of preparing myself for the actual reality. And I kind of feel like I've been doing a lot more failing at life than succeeding at life, but I'm working on turning that around because you know what, it's never too late to make a fresh start at anything or everything.

Training These Days...

I totally didn't kill it last week with my training. I think I actually had more "bad" days than good ones when it comes to what Coach Tiffany had on my plan. I have to admit that looking at my results on my training plan, there was a lot of "I didn't really want to work out" going on last week. I'm not sure what that was about, but almost every day last week was some kind of bleh - I don't wanna. I think the lazy brain gets the win last week. :-( Okay, so what did I do?

Monday: Cross-training of my choice so I did a full-body strength training session

Tuesday: 3x1 mile repeats that ended up being 2x1 mile repeats because I had a headache and got up too late to do the full workout.

Wednesday: I skipped what was supposed to be an easy run to run to the grocery store. Total fail on this one, but we were out of toilet paper so it was an absolute necessity. LOL

Thursday: The only running workout of the week that I totally rocked and that was only because I was going into work late and could do it a little later than normal.

Friday: Easy run/walk. One of the things I enjoy most about Friday is that I start work at 8 instead of 7, so it is currently light enough outside that I can head out solo to get my run in. So I did just that, BUT I did have an encounter with some crazy geese that tried to chase me down! They were like a little gang. I laugh, but they were scary!! I ended up with 2.6 miles at a VERY easy pace since there was lots of walking.

Saturday: I was supposed to do 5 miles, but wasn't feeling too great so I decided to push my run to Sunday.

Sunday: I headed out, but I will be honest that it was just all kinds of bad. I couldn't get in a groove and just felt like breathing and running were way harder than they should be. My legs felt like lead and my lungs felt like they were only being used halfway. I don't really know what was going on, but it was a very warm morning (I think we hit about 102 later that day) any rate, I just didn't have it in me at all. I did the first mile at a 10:15 pace and then just crashed and burned. Oh - and I got chased by the geese again while they watched another lady go by with absolutely not even a honk at. What's the deal with these crazy geese and their dislike of me anyways?
The rest of my Sunday looked a lot like that picture above! I also did all my laundry, prepped my food for the week, and watched The Age of Adaline before hitting the sack nice and early (cute enough movie BTW...totally predictable, but I expected that). Just call me a wild party animal, why don't ya! *wink* But you know, all joking aside, I woke up this morning ready for my week. I hit the treadmill for 2 miles of mostly running and actually made it to work on time even with shaving my legs!! *GASP* In other words, I was totally adulting the hell out of today! (Side note: Am I the only person that can't wait for tights weather so I can quit shaving my legs more than once a week? Just me?)

Autumn officially starts on Wednesday, September 23rd, and I will be celebrating by hosting a Skirt Sports giveaway! Come back by on Wednesday for all the details!

I've been selected to participate in a campaign for Hemp Hearts with FitApproach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador so I'm super excited to get my hands on those little goodies and try them out - watch for more about that early next month along with an opportunity to win some for yourself!

My first 5k of the fall season is quickly approaching on October 3rd! I'll be talking race strategy next week...

I've been following several people training for NYC and Chicago marathons and am toying with the idea of letting fate decide if it is time for me to run my second marathon by throwing my name into the lotteries for those two races. I figure if I'm going to do another marathon, I want it to be one that is iconic and outside of Boston, they don't get much more iconic than those two. I've been to New York before and have wanted to go back ever since, and would love to see Chicago. What do you guys think???

Well, there are lots of fun, exciting things on the horizon! Share something fun from your weekend with me in the comments!

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