Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Living, Training, Partying, Now!

I keep reminding myself to "BELIEVE" that I've got this crazy life under control, but it seriously keeps reminding me that I am far from being in control most days. *wink* And honestly, I hate doing "update" posts because they make me truly realize what a slacker I am at times. I guess I'm feeling a little like I'm playing catch-up more often than not lately, hence the crickets and cobwebs hanging around the blog. Being able to fit it all in can be rather difficult at times, ya know?? I'm sure I'm not the only person struggling with the desire to do more, be more, love more when the critical piece is actually find more time for all of those things. No?

First, we all survived Melissa and Curtis' baby shower this past weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of baby Gavin next month! She's down to about 5 weeks left if she goes full term, so we're really starting to get pretty close. I'll be sharing some additional info and pics from the baby shower in the near future, but here's a little preview if you aren't following me on Instagram.

Work has been crazy busy lately and I'm just coming to accept that this is how it is going to remain. But I'm definitely very grateful for a wonderful job that offers me lots of challenges to keep me entertained!

In other family news, we have a birthday party for the grandkids this weekend - Joshua is 5 now and Angelique will be 4 on the 27th of this month. So much celebrating taking place! It definitely keeps everything dynamic and I'm working hard at just being flexible without going crazy. It's amazing how fast time goes so I'm trying to just focus on each thing and re-focus on my word for 2015: Now. As in live in the now. Be in the Now. Make it happen Now.

And finally, training updates! Since hiring Coach Tiffany I can definitely say that I'm seeing improvement and I'm thrilled! Have I nailed every workout? Nope. Have I done every single workout on the plan? Nope. But I feel like I have been immensely more consistent in my training than I've ever been when I'm solo. Having that accountability and feeling guilty when I have to type in my notes that I either didn't do a run or cut it short has been great for me. I will get into my specific training a little more next week, but just suffice it to say I'm super glad that I've hired Coach Tiffany and I really feel optimistic that I will continue to see improvement in my consistency and running endurance.

Question: What's something you've been up to lately in life or training? 


  1. Beautiful baby shower decor!

    I've been getting stuff together for a long weekend road trip and I'm ready for a change o' scenery. Now I'm giggling because the Mr is napping on the couch and his big ol' feet are running. He must be training for his next 5K!

    1. Go get that finish line, Mr.!! :-) Woohoo for weekend road trips!! Sounds like fun!

  2. Congrats on seeing improvements since hiring a coach! That is so great! You have such a wonderful attitude towards running and training :)