Thursday, September 3, 2015


Just another day at Michael's daughter met this really great guy and hung out with him for a few. LOL
I don't know if my three readers noticed that I actually published on my schedule of Monday-Thursday almost every single day in August! The only day I missed was the very last one on August 31st...whomp, whomp. And then I've had a hard time getting on track so far in September. There's lots of reasons that look a lot like excuses if I examine them too closely though, so let's just agree that life hit me like a Mack truck this week and I'm working hard at digging myself out from under the 18-wheeler.

So I'm going to just share some random pictures with you all today so you can see what I've been up to lately. I spent some time at Michael's recently as we are in the midst of planning a baby shower for the little dude that is expected to arrive in October. I know I mentioned that my daughter, Melissa, is expecting her first and we now know that it is a boy! His name is Gavin and we are super excited to meet him next month. She's due on October 22 and we will be having the baby shower on the 12th of this month. Expect to see more on that in upcoming posts.

That's how I kicked off my weekend on Friday afternoon! Nothing like a stop at Target and Starbucks to get drinks for all the girls...especially on one of the HOTTEST days of summer. Seriously, last week was absolutely ridiculous. 106ish degrees with some humidity to boot. I think the evenings cooled off to about 78 degrees. It was not fun, but we paid our dues apparently and have been rewarded with very nice lower than average temps this week. High of 92? I'll take it!!

I had an awesome weekend getaway with the hubs! We stayed at The Portofino Hotel & Marina (if you didn't guess from the life preserver around Sir Barks-a-Lot's neck hahaha) and it was so nice!! The hotel was fabulous and we had awesome views of Kings Harbor in Redondo Beach. If you are ever in Redondo and want a really nice hotel on the waterfront, you can't go wrong with The Portofino (totally not paid to say that...I just think it was an awesome hotel!). We were down in the Long Beach area for my cousin-in-law's 40th birthday party, so we decided to make it a beach getaway weekend and I'm so glad we did. Of course, it left me feeling like I didn't get a whole lot done and I started the week feeling like I was already behind. But that's okay...sometimes we just have to pay the price so I'll quit complaining about that one. #firstworldproblems right? hahaha

Got to have an awesome, if not super humid, run along the beach! My training with Coach Tiffany is going really well so far and I felt great! Stopped to take a few pictures and that one of me running is my first try at doing a run selfie...I definitely need more practice at that! LOL

So, Stand Up Paddleboarding - also known as SUP, is something I want to do SOOOOOO badly!! I'm definitely going to be looking at renting a board and doing a couple lessons to see if it is something I will enjoy. I had no problem picturing myself doing a run along the beach and then jumping on a SUP board for a little swim and paddle in the ocean during the hot summer months of training. I would definitely say that learning SUP is a need, not just a want. :-)

I will leave you with some little goodies since this post is so random and all over the place. Skirt Sports is letting their Ambassador Captains giveaway their favorite product over the next several months, so there will be a LOT of various giveaways running where you have an opportunity to win different items. I will be running my own later this month, so be sure to check back on the first day of Autumn to win one of my faves! But in the meantime, I will share with you each Thursday the Ambassador giveaways that have gone live so far! So this week I have two for you:

I don't have a Lioness myself, but I will say that the gals absolutely RAVE about them! Just click the image to visit Kate's page!

Aleksandra is giving away a Jette skirt! Click on image to visit her page!
Alright - that's all I'm going to dump on you for today...I'll be back to a regular posting schedule next week.

Question: Have you done Stand Up Paddle Boarding or is it something you want to try?


  1. I love my lioness skirts for shorter runs! I guess I need to enter. The grippers are a bit too tight for me for anything over about 5 miles (depends on the temperature), but they're sooooo comfy!

    1. I love the way the Lioness looks, but the length of it terrifies me! LOL Maybe one of these days I'll just give it a try and see what I think... :-)

  2. Too bad we're not closer, the Mr would totally teach you how to paddleboard. He's taught 3 of our friends and all of them have talked about buying the Tower Adventurer after his lessons. He loves paddleboarding. My legs can't take it so I kayak. I may try it again another time or when we're in water I don't mind falling in. I can't take the green swamp water we're usually in around here.

    1. I know it!!!! I'm tempted to get on a plane...LOL I pretty much know I will probably love it - I just need to get on it and make sure before I buy. And getting in water means at least a 20-30 minute drive or longer, but I think it will be worth it. Soon...soon!!

  3. I've never tried SUP. I'm actually not very good at swimming so I don't do much water stuff. It looks like fun though! And I'll be back for sure to check out your giveaway :)