Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TOTR: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

The gals that host the Tuesdays on the Run each week (Erika, Patty and April) are talking hydration - and I'm so glad they are because it is very important!! Even though everything is turning to talk of pumpkin spice everything, weather cooling, and leaves changing colors, hydration is still an important topic! Not just when you're out running/exercising either, it is even more important during the cooler months to ensure you are getting enough fluids because your thirst won't trigger as much thanks to that cooler weather. AND it's actually drier in the winter than in the summer...so grab a glass and let's drink up while we talk hydration!

One of the biggest changes I made in my lifestyle that helps me meet my daily water goal is to fill up my Thermos water bottle (it holds 24 oz - equivalent to 3 servings of water) before I leave for work in the morning and then I drink that bad boy in the 15-20 minutes it takes me to drive the 8 miles to work. So by the time I barely even walk in the door, I already have 3 of the minimum 8 servings done and taken care of - BOOM!

Another way I get my water is I have a reminder set on my computer that tells me every hour to drink up and move my booty for a few. (side note: because I drink my water like I should, I actually end up moving more because I have to use the restroom more frequently! So it's a total win-win...booyah!) My goal is to drink at least one serving of water every hour, or at the minimum to have my Thermos empty and ready for a refill by lunchtime. That's another three servings so that I'm now at 6/8! And then if I do the same in the afternoon and have another bottle gone by the end of my workday I've now hit 9/8 - over my goal!!

And then finally, I fill the bottle when I get home and sip on it throughout the evening while I'm cooking dinner or just relaxing. More often than not I can finish off the day over the minimum goal. I do usually try to drink more than the minimum 8 cups a day; several water calculators say I should be drinking about 11. Here's a pretty cool one on Cambelbak.com.

But, ultimately, the best way to know if you are drinking enough water is what color your urine is. If it looks like weak lemonade then you are good to go!! Check out this handy little chart:

Just remember, if your urine is totally clear and has no color whatsoever, you are probably drinking too much water...and there is a thing called "too much of a good thing" in this case.

To wrap this up, I know that many people don't really care for water, especially when you are hooked on the flavored drinks like soda, juice, teas, etc. but with so many options for flavoring your water without adding calories, anyone can find a way to stay hydrated!

Question: What is one way that you ensure you are staying hydrated?


  1. I am sucking at my water goals this week. I was drinking 4 36 oz bottles per day for a month but the past two weeks I've been lucky to squeak in 3. I really need to do better on that.

    1. I never would have believed how much better it feels, physically and mentally, when I am properly hydrated until I was hydrated on a regular basis! I know you can do it, girl - so get to it! Chug-a-lug!!! :-)