Monday, July 6, 2015

Some MadLibs-Style Fun and Inspiration!

First up for today is Sweat Pink's latest MadLibs style fun on behalf of their #1MillionMinutes campaign and Puritan's Pride. This week is all about: How do you fuel?


I’m so excited [adj] to fuel my #1MillionMinutes goals with Puritan’s Pride! All summer I plan to run [verb] my way to a healthier, fitter me, and I’ll need help staying hydrated and fueled during all my crazy [adj] adventures!

I will make sure I stay on track and will rely on Oreos [noun] to keep me well fueled before, during and after workouts, and my Southern sweet tea [noun] to keep me hydrated! (hahaha - I'm kidding...I'm really going to rely on protein-packed food for fueling and good ol' fashioned H2O for hydration!) ;-)

 I’m most excited to try fancy mixed fruits (product) and Spicy Hot Trail Mix (product) from Puritan’s Pride because they look absolutely friggin' delicious!! (adj).

One supplement I’ve never tried but am curious about is BCAA Supplements [noun]. I think it might make me extra healthy and faster [adj].

Bring it, #1MillionMinutes! I’m ready to go!

The other part of today's post is this article that I read over at Skirt Sports* this morning. Go take a moment to read it, I'll wait...

The thing that really jumped out at me was how Kara says she showed up at her first run with the Kick Start Program and looked around saying "these are not my people". It stuck with me because I think that pretty much just about every single time I show up at a race and take a look around. I can't help but look at those thin, lithe runners and think...I am NOT like them. I will never be fast, I will never look like a gazelle, I will never have that "runner's physique". But then I usually look around a little bit more and I see everybody else that is at the race and I realize that our outside bodies are not what define's the passion and the commitment to the sport that define us. It's that we show up and that we keep coming back. I don't always FEEL like a runner and I don't always FEEL like I fit in or that they are MY people...but at the end of the day when I complete the run, or even when I don't but I don't quit and I come back and keep trying, is when I realize that this crazy tribe of runners are MY people too! Everybody can be a runner and it doesn't take anything special to do it. Just like Kara you can show up wearing jeans on day 1...the thing that makes you part of the tribe is that you keep showing up. I guess the take-away is that you should never let yourself miss out on something really awesome because you don't feel like you fit the mold. Make your own mold and then break it to make a new one again and again. We are all runners. We are all from the same tribe. We are each other's people! Don't forget it...and with that, don't forget to make those people that may not look like a typical "runner" feel like they are. You just might be the one that keeps them coming back.

I had an awesome staycation last week and we are already well into the beginning of July! I have lots to share with you over the coming days!

*Disclaimer: I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and receive discounts and product in exchange for my representation of the brand. However, all opinions are my own and this is NOT a sponsored post and is not being written by their request.


  1. OMG, the spicy hot trail mix...yes, please!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Now I REALLY want to try that spicy hot trail mix...there's nothing better after a long run than something crunch, salty and spicy.

  2. Great mad lib-- Planning to post mine Thursday :) Love your added humor! Happy Monday!

    1. Can't wait to read yours, Amanda!! I just love MadLibs! :-)

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