Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TOTR - Group or Solo Running?

This is my first time linking up via MCM Mama Runs to talk about Group or Solo Running and I'm so excited to jump in on this conversation because it is one that I've been thinking about a lot lately!!

So why has this been on my mind a lot lately? Well, it's no surprise to anybody that has been reading that I'm struggling...and have been for a long time!! I would definitely say that my struggle started back during my marathon training. Heading out for those really long runs all by myself was brutal and my hamster brain got the best of me time and time again. But let me back up for just a bit...

At least a couple days a week I am out with my Mom & Sister so even though I'm technically not running solo, we are all at our own paces and are running solo the majority of the time. But I've gotten a taste a few times of how it feels to run with someone else. First I got to run with my lovely DIL, Auxi, a few times. Unfortunately for me, she and my son got stationed in Okinawa, Japan so I can't run with her these days. Ha! There's just a little bit of a distance problem...lol

Like in April when we did the San Jacinto Run United 5k together...
What has also spoiled me lately, especially on the longer runs, is getting to do several training runs leading up to the Ventura Marathon last year, along with a couple races now, with my running friend, Sally!

I've gotten tastes of what it's like to run with someone and I fear I may never be able to go back!!!

Sally on the right after the Avocado Half in May 2015
Sally on the left at the Idyllwild 10k in June 2015
So my dilemma is now that I know how nice it is to share the miles with someone and how quickly it goes when you're chatting away about anything and everything I want to have that on a more regular basis!!! But I know that Sally is holding back for me as she is much quicker than I am. And I also know that as far as training runs go, Sally likes to start a little later than my ridiculously early morning runs. My other dilemma is that there aren't any running groups in my area that I know of. There is a Moms Run This Town group about 20 minutes away that I could meet up with, but I also feel like I'm not really a "mom" like those ladies are. My kids are grown and I'm on grand kids now. LOL Many of those gals are still pushing strollers. Then the third dilemma is that I'm not a speedster. I fear that even if I found a running group that I'd still be running solo because I'm not equally paced with someone else. Like that time I went on a group run in Temecula with Sally and the entire group quickly left me in the dust. Like, it was literally, maybe 5 minutes before they were all long gone and I was...running solo. Thankfully Sally came back and shared some of the miles with me because I didn't even have the route and ended up lost very quickly. Let's just say it was not the best experience ever...

The best part about my only group run to date was that it was a new-to-me running area so there was lots to look at! 
Even though I would really love to run with a group, especially when doing the longer training runs and/or races, I have several roadblocks to doing so on a regular basis. So most of the time I am solo. So ask me what I prefer, solo or group, and I would probably say that group would be pretty awesome if I ever get a chance to really try it. Solo is pretty cool some of the time especially if I have a lot on my mind and want to just zone out. But my real preference would be if I could find a perfectly matched BRF...someone that wants to run at the butt crack o'dawn on a regular basis, lives locally, and can push me out of my comfort zone and make me go just a little faster. That's not too much to ask, is it? Know anyone??? ;-)


  1. Welcome to the link up! I often run with my mom, but only because she is so adaptable to my pace an doesn't mind slowing down if I have too!

    1. That's perfect that you and your Mom can adapt to each other's paces so nicely and run together! :-) I keep trying to convert my girls to runners so I can make them run with me but they are somewhat averse to waking up so early. LOL

  2. Finding someone who can, or wants to, run at ungodly hours is a tough bill to fill.

    1. I am SOOOOO thankful that I can get you out with me at an ungodly hour at least one day a week - makes a huge difference!!! It's just those other days when I know I should be pushing myself but have absolutely ZERO motivation to do so that having someone cracking the whip would be really nice. hahahaha Missed you this morning!!!

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