Monday, July 13, 2015

Week in Review

First let me just acknowledge the fact that I published a blog every day last week from Monday-Thursday!! That is definitely a first for me as I am usually a very bad sporadic blogger. I really want to work on publishing Monday-Thursday for now and see how that goes. Which brings me to here we are again! It's a new week so I want to start by rehashing the week that just finished. Because that's totally logical, right?

I'm still in a non-training period of training; meaning, I don't have any races on the calendar that I'm specifically training for. The next race that I have (even though I'm still not registered and really need to get on it in the near future) is early October and it is a 5k. So, no training really required. After that will be a 10k in November and then a half in January. So right now I'm simply running for fitness and to keep a decent mileage base.

Monday: Ballet Fitness DVD

Tuesday: I did 6x400 with Maximus, my Treadmill. Yes, he has a name and it is Maximus Decimus; Max for short. LOL I forgot to turn off my GPS and it always cracks me up when I look at the map data on Garmin Connect afterwards.

This is what a run when you're actually not going anywhere looks like apparently.

Wednesday: Full Body Strength Training and it hurt so good!

Thursday: Headed out with my sister for an easy run.

Friday: Walked the little Daisy pup around the block. She's getting a little older now (11 years old) and probably has some arthritis that flares up at times because she won't be as spry as she normally is and this last Friday was definitely one of those times. So we took it nice and slow.

Saturday: I did a 6-mile solo run and kept it a 5:00/2:00 run/walk ratio. It was pretty uneventful but was a great way to start the day!

I've gotten to see some cool birds lately on my runs and have been so glad they've sat still long enough to snap a picture.

Sunday: Rest Day

So the other part of Friday was heading up to my Mom's place and picking up some couches and stuff for a dump run. I think I might have gone to the dump once with my Grandfather when I was just a wee lass, and I had all these images of what it would be like based on countless Law & Order episodes...but it was NOTHING like what I expected it to be! I feel totally ripped off!

Instead of actually driving into the dump, you just pull into a bay marked off by k-rails and dump your stuff on the concrete in your bay and then drive away. It was very blah and I was disappointed. The only thing I got out of it was my cool cheap safety vest.

Because what goes better with a cheap safety vest than a really stupid look???
I was at least rewarded for my hard work loading and unloading the truck with lunch with the hubster, so that was nice. :-)

And for anybody wondering about my reward plan and whether I earned my second reward - heck YEAH I did!!!!! I actually earned 25 points when I only needed 20 so huzzah! It was a good couple of weeks. I'm going to look for a yoga mat to spend my reward on this time around.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow and consisted of spending time around the house, running the weekend errands, laundry and all that fun stuff. I know, I lead a very exciting life...try not to be jelly.


  1. Clearly we run the same exciting life. :) And my dogs are almost 10 . . . you'd never know it with Lola; Chester is a different story.

    My next half isn't until Oct, but obviously I've already started to train for it.

    It can be nice when you just run for fun!

    1. I'm certainly enjoying running for fun right now and it's so funny that I'm actually being more consistent and working harder now than I am when I'm actually training. My brain is crazy like that sometimes. LOL

  2. Congrats on the consistent blogging and earning your rewards! Your pup is adorable. Oh...and yer pretty. :-)

    1. Awwww - thanks girlie!!! I love that little dog o' mine and she seems to be back to more of her normal self the last couple days. It was kind of cool and overcast in the mornings last week and it seems to slow her down a bit when it is.