Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TOTR: Where I Run (AKA - I Run This Town!)

I'm linking up once again with MCM Mama Runs for another Tuesdays on the Run. This week's topic is showing ya'll where I run. So in other words, I'm going to show you how I run this town!

I do my fair share of complaining about my boring town that I live in and its lack of scenic trails and places for adventures to happen. It's also fairly flat, so I have to get creative to get my hill training in, but you know for all my complaining, if I ever left my hometown I would surely miss many of my running routes! So let's take a look at some of my regular views, shall we?

My number one running route is around my neighborhood because that's what is easiest, right? Strap on some shoes and head out the door to get it done. I live in a gated community that isn't too bad on nice views and clean, safe well-lit streets so that's definitely a plus. And then if I need to go longer than a few miles I can head out of the gate and find some additional routes that offer their own benefits.

One of four lakes in my neighborhood that are host to ducks and other water fowl on occasion.
Canadian Geese telling the Mallards "What's up, eh??" ;-)
The next "route" that gets the most use is the one that is in my home office/workout space. I really don't know what to call this room outside of MY ROOM, because it really is the only room in the house that is very much mine and mine alone. It's where Max hangs out during the days he gets to rest.

A little glimpse at my trusty pal, Maximus Decimus! I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEE him. :-)
It's where my Daisy pup hangs out too when she isn't snoring in other areas of the house or using the wall in the living room as a pillow.

She was seriously SLEEPING like that for hours...and snoring so loud to boot!
And it's of course the place that has all my racing motivation, my medals, my degrees, my books, and my treasured items.

Motivation Wall and another look at Max.
Thankfully I have windows to look out of and my tablet so I can watch Netflix otherwise I don't think Max and I would be such great friends. One of these days I will dedicate an entire post to my love for Max though - I know you can't wait, right?!?

I have another spot that we like to hit for our hill training that I have "lovingly" nicknamed The Beast. It's a massive hill that goes from the base of the valley to the top of a man-made lake. It offers stunning vistas, views of the lake, and a whole lot of heavy breathing and hamstring burners and quad killers.

The first portion of The Beast - it is quite harmless here but that is just a false sense of security...don't be fooled by it!
View from the middle of The Beast - right after the worst of the climb you get the reward of a view of the valley.
Last year I did a lot of my running at the lake at the top of The Beast and it was awesome. Unfortunately, the lake levels are so low right now because of the drought it just breaks my heart to see it. I haven't gotten out there much this year but it is one of my favorite places to train, especially for the hills.

Diamond Valley Lake last year already showing lower water levels, and it has gotten much worse this year. :(

Just earlier this year I started adding in a little trail running on a path that I used to just hike. It starts out a nice and gently rolling hills, but about 3 miles in turns into a MAJOR hike. One that makes The Beast look like nothing more than an ant hill. It climbs up and up for days. BUT if I stick to only running the first part, it makes for a nice trail run just around the corner from my house which is pretty freaking awesome.

My sister snapped this picture of me and I absolutely love it. The hills aren't green now though and are a very scorched brown.
 So where do I run? I run my town!!! I love driving around and thinking "yup, I've run this street", or seeing one of my favorite spots like the little bridge that runs over the dry waterbed and makes me feel like I'm running someplace else instead of my boring town.

This last picture says it all...that's where I run - that little town down in the valley are my streets and I run them!!!


  1. Looks like you have great places to run! Very cool that you have four lakes in your neighborhood! That's so funny how your dog can sleep like that! Great panoramic view in the last pic!!

    1. Thanks Sherry! It's amazing how much cooler my running routes are when I look at them through a different lens. :-)

  2. I would love to live near a lake I could run around everyday. I do the same thing with my medals. They are hanging up right by my treadmill. If that isn't motivation I don't know what is.

    1. What's sad is that I totally take those lakes for granted when I see people running around "real" lakes! haha I guess I should appreciate them more. :-)