Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

Life...it's just interesting sometimes how it speeds by in a blur. We go along our daily lives collecting little pieces of memories from here and there and before you even know it or have a moment to breathe you realize that days, weeks, months and years have zipped by!!!

I've been pondering a lot lately - this time of year has a way of doing that, no? - about just being present in my life. Actually participating in it instead of letting it fly by with barely a moment's notice. Do any of you do the same thing? Just me?? haha

I think in this day and age of technology and disposability (not a word, but you get the idea...creative license and all) we spend so much time hopping from one thing to the next that we very rarely just STOP and take a moment in. I'm so, so, so guilty of this too. We might take in the BIG life moments like births and weddings and deaths and family vacations, but I'm talking the little moments. The hugs, the kisses, the cuddles, the "Hey Nanas" fifty gazillion times in a single day, the phone calls, the emails, the lunches with friends, the "I love you's", and the trips to the grocery store.

Yeah, the trips to the grocery store.

Like taking for granted that we have the ability to go to the grocery store just down the street from work or home. You do realize that there are places in this world where they have to travel for HOURS to get some groceries? Or the fact that we have money to go to the store and then bemoan the fact that milk has gone up by $.50 a gallon. Some people can't even afford to BUY milk or anything else for that matter.

Okay, okay...I couldn't resist a chance to put David Beckham in here. I don't even care what it says...do you?!?!?!
And yes, you're welcome

I'm gearing up to revealing my word for 2015 and it's a perfect word for me right now. I'm excited for it and I'm excited to live it. I'll be sharing more about it in the near future so just try to be patient until then. If you want to read more about this whole "word" thing you can check out past posts here and here.

Just so I have it down in one place and since I haven't blogged all of them, here's the list of mine and my BFF Rebecca's words since we started. Mine is first and then hers.

2010 - Peace/Joy
2011 - Quality/Faith
2012 - Strong/Let Go
2013 - Light/Story
2014 - Courage/Brave
2015 - TBA

I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime, confidant, BFF...

So why do I include my BFF in this? Well, she's the one that actually introduced me to the one little word concept and it's something we have done together ever since. And it truly has made an impact in both of our lives; together and separately. I can't separate it into just one of us - they just go together. Plain and simple. We always come up with our words completely on our own and then share them with each other once we know for sure what it is. Most of the time, the words actually choose us; we just listen closely to them whispering to us in the background. I kind of think of it like words percolating on the stove. Some come up to the top and pop quickly; others never even make it to the top; and then you have the one that comes to the top, sometimes it might even fade back down before bubbling back up again, and then it just grows bigger and bigger. It is then that I usually pluck it from the stew and make it mine. LOL You probably didn't need that glimpse into my head, but I gave it to ya anyways! ;-)

This time of year is no less crazy than it always is, but I'm just trying to take it all in and enjoy it. Every moment may not be a memory made, and some moments I may want to entirely forget. But the important thing for me is to just be there living with gratitude for all my blessings during these final days of 2014.

Here's a couple of such recent moments:

Black Friday Shopping Selfie with Joshua

Joshua and Angie at the Christmas Tree lot...oh, and Sven of course - can't forget Sven! lol

The Tree - in all its glory. I say it every year, but this year it really IS the best ever!!
Have a great day, friends! Take time to enjoy the moments...


  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    I love the concept of the one word for the year. I wish I could stay as motivated about it as I am in the beginning of the year. A word popped into my head too. I'll see if my word and your word are close when you reveal yours! :)

    Beautiful tree and Christmas activities!

    1. I have always found that some years my word is much more prevalent in my life than other years. Sometimes I struggle to remember what they are towards the end...so don't feel bad! :-)