Monday, November 10, 2014

"Slow" Runners

I hear and see it all the time, and I'm guilty of saying it myself on way too many occasions - I'm a slow runner. There's lots of variations and here are just a few: I'm slower than a turtle running in peanut butter; I'm not the fastest runner; I'm slower than most; I'm not running much faster than people walking. The list could go on and on...

And you know what? I think we all need to just quit it already. Just stop with the whole thing of qualifying the speed in which we run or walk or whatever. Just staaaaahhhhhppp.

Because it's actually pretty ridiculous and offensive. Yes, I've laughed at the sayings. I've even sent one to my sister because it was pretty funny. As a matter of fact - it was this one right here:

But you know what my problem is? When I see someone saying that, but then they post their finish times and they are what I would consider fairly speedy. I'm not a super fast runner but at the same time I also recognize that my fast is someone else's slow, and my slow is someone else's fast.

And that's it right there - we all run at different paces and our pace is just that...OURS. What I can run doesn't change what you can run and vice versa, right? I don't run "slow"...I run MY PACE. And honestly, it's still not slower than this:

So let's just stop doing that, okay? No need to make qualifications and dismissals. Just run your own pace, run your own race and enjoy doing it while you're at it.


  1. That's awesome! See like you run at whatever pace you run and I only run when chased by a bear or puma. So my run (and eventual demise due to lack of running ever) is waaaaay slower than your slowest run! Therefore, you are the fastest runner I know! :-)

  2. Yes, a bear or a puma could make ANYONE a runner! ;-) And I may not outrun a bear or puma either, but I would certainly try to give them a run for their money...except they don't care about ;-) hehehe

  3. Agree 100%. Pace is relative, but crossing the finish line makes us all runners.

    1. Indeed! And the finish line can also be different for everyone...for someone that doesn't race their "finish line" might be just getting up and doing it. :-) We are all runners regardless of the pace, the method, the whatever.