Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful (???) Time of the Year...

So in case you missed the bulletin, or the fact that your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have blown up with pictures of strange people in weird costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and more candy than a person could eat in a lifetime, today is Halloween! And what that really means is that it is the "official" (okay, not really OFFICIAL-official, but un-official official???) kickoff to the Holiday Season. I remember that Once Upon a Time - also known as When I Was A Kid - the official kickoff to the Holiday Season was Thanksgiving Day. But I actually think that if we wanted to get really technical, the true kickoff isn't even Halloween - it's when Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or PSL as they are now calling it because #PSL is so much easier than #PumpkinSpiceLatte, amiright or what???

Okay, so if we all take this as the Official Kickoff to the Holiday Season, then that means it is now "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", right? Well, not so much many times. Sure, I love the holidays as much as the next person, but this time of year also signals the time to freak-out, stress beyond belief, go for broke, and stuff our pie-holes with anything and everything.

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: This year, I'm secretly stuffing the turkey with Prozac . . . so we can finally have a stress-free holiday!

I go into every single holiday season vowing that this year - THIS YEAR - I am not going to let all the stress get to me. I'm going to quietly sip cider by a lovely fireplace while I daydream of a peaceful Christmas morning and a Turkey dinner that comes together flawlessly and is served precisely on time with everything still hot and the family reverentially sitting there in awe of the amazing spread. I say I'm going to take more time to treasure the moments. I'm going to hand-craft lovely gifts that I'm proud to give away.

And guess what? It NEVER goes as I planned! HA! I am usually that fool running around a week before Christmas trying to figure out what to give the co-workers because I completely screwed up the lovely handcrafted gifts I had planned on giving. Thanksgiving is usually absolute and total chaos. I never seem to find time to sit and enjoy cider by the fire and Christmas morning is like being in the middle of a feeding frenzy at the zoo after a week of no food. If you can survive one of our Christmas mornings then you could probably survive just about anything. And I'm usually so stressed out I am a total Grinch until, well, sometimes until the holiday is over. And the thing is that I absolutely DO NOT want to feel like that. I truly do want to enjoy it.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: My stress level is such that you have two choices. Either leave me the hell alone or write me a hit list.

So this year, I'm just going to go into the season wanting one thing and one thing only: to enjoy all of it! Enjoy the stress, enjoy the shopping, enjoy the chaos, and even enjoy (and be proud of!) the ridiculous handcrafted gifts I'm going to be make and give out no matter what they look like. That's my plan. We'll see how it goes!

...if you let it be! 


  1. Even if it doesn't go as planned, I hope the chaos makes wonderful memories for you. When I find myself stressed and overwhelmed, I remind myself that there will be a time in my life when I'll be old and will long for the chaos. Time goes by so fast after we turn 21, or at least I think so. I'm sure your kids and family members look forward to the special holiday moments they share with you.

    1. You are so right, Luisa! I bet when the kids look back at holidays they won't be thinking about how the mashed potatoes were cold or the rolls were burnt...they'll be thinking about playing spoons and being so full they can't even breathe! Thanks for the perspective!!!!

  2. Email me and tell me what you're planning to make. Inquiring minds want to know!