Thursday, October 17, 2013

P31 Bloghop - #PerfectLove

This post is part of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study for A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. You can find out more about P31 here, the book here, and my previous blog posted on this here. And can I just add a little disclaimer that I had a really hard time using that hashtag in the title as I am so completely burnt out and O~V~E~R hashtags. But, I'm following there. ;-) hahaha

I know what we all probably think of when we hear the words "perfect love" - we most likely think of the love a parent has for their child, right? That's about as perfect as love can get. We would die for them, we would take their pain and bear it ourselves for them, we would sacrifice all that we are if it meant happiness for our child. Am I right? Many would say that the definition of that kind of love is "unconditional".

And for the most part, a parent's love is unconditional; however, think for a moment about parents that have turned away from their children or cause them harm - it happens. It's not something anyone really wants to think about, yet it does happen and more often than any of care to admit, I'm sure. However, God's love for us truly is UNCONDITIONAL. Even when we act out or turn away from him, His love endures the same today, tomorrow and forever. He continues to love us and truly did sacrifice all for our happiness. After all, He sent us His Son to suffer the most cruelest of fates so that we could have a relationship with him. There is no greater gift to our Heavenly Father than to be joyful and find confidence in the perfect love and promises he has given us.

I know that I love my children and husband more than I ever thought was possible. I would say that I love them unconditionally. But I know that it pales in comparison to the kind of love that God offers us. His love truly is the #perfectlove.

If you want more check out the blog hop and see what the other ladies had to say! And what do you think is perfect love? Tell me in the comments as I would love to hear what you think. Be blessed, friends!

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  1. Great post. And I hope there wasn't too much distress using the hashtags =) Ahhh... HIs #perfectlove
    Lauren., P31 ObS Blog Hop team