Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will...Do a Daily Tay Link-up!

The Daily Tay

Someday I will...
Run a Marathon

Okay, okay - I know it sounds cliche and it probably seems like everyone and their brother says the same thing, right?

And you know the thing is that I used to be the person that said NEVER. I will N~E~V~E~R run a marathon. No desire, none whatsoever. Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada in the desire to run a marathon category.

But then, something happened.

That up there happened. I never thought that I COULD run, much less that I could run for a ridiculously long period of time. But as I became a runner, I realized that I was so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for!

And then a crazy idea happened...who says I can't run a marathon? Maybe I can...And just like that I went from saying never to saying maybe to saying I will.


  1. You can do anything because you're just that awesome.

    1. As always, thank you!! I have to work hard to try and keep up with your crazy antics!! :-)