Monday, November 4, 2013

The Race That Wasn't...

So remember just a few days ago when I put out my Fall Racing Schedule and talked about the Awesome 80's Run that was going to be happening this past Saturday? Well, we can just go ahead and call that one "The Race That Wasn't" because I didn't end up going.

My stomach ended up having some issues on Friday night so when I woke up Saturday morning to start getting ready I knew it wasn't going to be a good idea to put myself in a situation that wasn't controlled. So I sadly let my Mom & Sister know that I was bailing on them, but since they were still going I of course begged and pleaded for them to pick up my goodie bag at the minimum and do everything they could to get me the medal too! hahaha Because, I mean come on, it was a Darth Vader medal!!! Who wants to miss out on that?!? Not this Star Wars Geek-Girl! ~Okay, side note/question, does anybody else feel guilty taking a medal for a race they didn't do?? Because I was feeling horribly guilty about it, but still wanted it! LOL~

Source - and more pictures from the race!
Like, seriously, how awesome is that medal?!? And I was a child of the 80's (best decade EVER!) so I was really looking forward to this one. But hey, sometimes life has other plans. So I sent my Mom & Sis off to do the race and then took it easy for a little longer. I did start to feel better and then felt guilty that they were off doing a race while I was sitting at home in my pajamas, so I changed into workout gear and jumped on the treadmill. I can't say the first mile or so was awesome, but as I kept going I continued to feel better. The day was shaping up to be absolutely gorgeous, so I opened up the windows and blinds and pretended I was outside at the race. Midway through my run I had to take a small break and saw a text message from my Sis that she was able to get me the medal but that she was holding it hostage until I "freed the Ewoks - 1 kilometer per Ewok, and I couldn't get the medal until I freed 5 of them". Hahaha - DEAL! Little did she know, I was already working on it...

At another point on my run the little bubbies Joshua (this is my grandson for anyone that doesn't know - he is 3 and just the cutest thing EVER!) woke up - we were watching him for our daughter while they snuck away for an overnight beach trip - and came and hung out with me while I ran. We chatted about letters and numbers, the important things, ya know, and enjoyed each other's company. And before you know it, I was nearing the point where not just 5 Ewoks would be freed, but TEN of those little guys! So I kept on going and hit the 10k mark. Not bad - 6.2 miles on a day I didn't think I was going to even be able to run!

So even though I didn't "race" this weekend, I still busted it out and freed some virtual Ewoks in the process. I don't feel so guilty about not doing the race and still claiming the medal now. Because it is a pretty radical piece of bling, Duuuudeee. Like, for sure.

And just because it's only fitting, here is some REAL Awesome 80's proof:
Can anyone say "Flock of Seagulls" hair??
Um yeah...don't hold it against me. I swear that was the style then!

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  1. Awesome medal!!!! No need to feel guilty, since you earned (and paid for it). I totally would have done the same thing. I'm glad you tested the running waters and ended up running a full 10K - Bravo!