Monday, March 30, 2015

Let's Talk Training...

So I know I've probably mentioned it just a time or two, but I'm currently training for a Half Marathon that will take place on May 23 - The Avocado Half Marathon in Fallbrook. This is our (our being me, my mom & my sister) first time doing this race but we are already aware that the course has a hilly profile. Obviously from the name, it is near Avocado groves and if you aren't familiar with Avocado trees, they really like to grow on hillsides.

Here's a picture from their website:

So, I think you get the idea, right? Now, me and hills are usually not on friendly terms. Okay, okay, I pretty much hate them. Wait, let me revise that - I hate them in RACES. I don't usually hate them so much in training when I can just go at a leisurely training pace during repeats. But in a race, they inevitably end up kicking my rear and shredding my mental fortitude. The good part is that this race is two weeks before another hilly, and at altitude, 10k in Idyllwild that I do every year, so the hill training I am doing now will benefit both of these races.

But what I really want to touch on today is that I have a training dilemma. As I mentioned last week, I am also working with my daughter Michelle to complete the Couch to 5k program as she really wants to run some races. She's in the early stages of C25K so the intervals are fairly easy; this next week (week 3) we get up to running for 3 minutes. I'm loving doing the program with her and I'm so excited that she's taken an interest in running!! I have four kids and so far she's the ONLY one that has actually done so. My oldest is in the Air Force so he has to run for PT which means that he will only run when he has to. He much prefers cycling to running. My younger son was in the Army so after running for PT he decided he will only run when he wants to now, which is apparently never again. And the other daughter enjoys BMX, so that's where she gets her fitness fix.

So if I'm doing really easy runs with Michelle three days a week, when/how am I supposed to fit in the more intense training that I need to be prepared for a hilly half marathon?? That's the million dollar question...Actually, the million dollar question is how am I going to do it in the time frame that I am confined to AND how am I going to do it without feeling like I'm totally burnt out??

Here's my typical schedule:
Monday: easy effort on the TM, usually around 45 minutes - I find this works well for me as Monday's are the hardest to get having just an easy effort on the schedule allows me to ease into the week
Tuesday: speedwork on the TM
Wednesday: strength training
Thursday: Longer easy effort outside with Mom & Sis, usually around 50-60 minutes
Friday: strength training
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Rest

Michelle wants to do her C25K sessions with me on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'm not as worried about the Saturday session as I can do a little bit with her as a warm-up and then finish out my long miles while she is back chilling at the casa...or whatever. So I'm going to think out loud for just a moment with the hopes that you'll tell me if what I'm thinking is crazy or not.

My idea for revised schedule:
Monday: easy effort on the TM
Tuesday: C25K with Michelle followed by strength training focused on core/arms
Wednesday: speedwork on the TM
Thursday: C25K/easy effort
Friday: strength training/rest (if needed)
Saturday: C25K/long run
Sunday: Rest/stretching

Additionally, we will be doing hill work every other Saturday as part of our long run. So I don't think that is too unreasonable, right? Of course as Michelle gets up in longer intervals I may be able to switch back to my regular schedule. But in the meantime I really want to allow her to focus on completing the program and being ready to run a 5k. Of course, I'm also hoping that I'll be ready to run a half marathon in the process. HA!

No matter what my biggest hope is that I can arrive at a starting line feeling like I am somewhat ready to be there because it's been WAY too long since I've been able to say that has been the case. And please, any feedback you have, it is definitely welcomed!

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