Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just a Quickie...

Just a couple burning topics on my brain today...let's get to it, shall we?

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That picture looks gorgeous, does it not? Well, what is not so gorgeous is that it was like 94 degrees today! It is MARCH for goodness' sake!!! MARCH, people!!! Not June, not July...not even May - M~A~R~C~H. But, at least we aren't buried in snow, right? Psssh...

If you didn't notice, I posted a new tab at the top for Discount Codes. Check it out...but just because I love ya'll so, I'm going to make it super easy and post them here too!

I got my awesome discount codes for Skirt Sports today and am super excited to share. You can get 20% off of all merchandise AND virtual race entry fees.

Like you could get this really cool Reversible Flight Tank that is on sale right now (the one on the right side)!
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Or you could use it to sign up for the 261 Fearless Virtual Race taking place next month April 18-20. Let me tell you really quick about the perks: You get to run a cool race in your own neighborhood or wherever you choose to, you get a Don't Sweat It tank, sponsor swag, AND a Skirt Sports certificate that varies in value depending on the race package you select. Seriously, that is some of the best swag I have ever, ever, ever seen in a race, much less a virtual race. Doooooo ittttttt!!!

Click on image to go to race website
Okay, so the discount code, please use:


Alright - that's all I have time for today...have a great weekend!

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