Monday, March 17, 2014

Time for a Quickie...

I haven't done a whole lot of talking about my actual "running" lately...but after a bit of a rough spot last week, I am bound and determined to get back on task this week. And my training plan didn't disappoint this morning!

I knew I had intervals on the calendar this morning and that the Garmin was all programmed and ready to go, so outside of double-checking what paces I needed (since I was on the treadmill today I don't pre-program my paces into the watch since there is usually about .25 mile difference between the Garmin and the TM which means paces are way off) and hitting start. I think I had in my head that there were two sets of intervals of 7:00 threshold pace, 3:00 10k pace, 2:00 recovery...turns out there were THREE sets of those intervals.

I know when I was on the second set, doing the 10k pace I kept thinking "almost done, almost done, just get through this last tough interval and then you are in cool-down mode" when the watch prompted a change and I glanced down and saw another Run 7:00 instead of Cool Down Until Lap Press, I will admit I had a moment of internal temper tantrum. And then I mentally slapped myself upside the head and said "Get Over IT and Just Do It!!" And I did...

It was a tough workout and it challenged me mentally and physically. I worked up quite a sweat...but you know what? I feel pretty badass too!

And that's what a good training run is all about...just enough challenge and a mental boost for the day!

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  1. You're badass no matter what!

    I love the pic...that's so true. Even when you don't want to workout, you always feel SO much better after you do!