Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Runner's Wish List

Since I became a runner back in 2009 it is inevitable that every celebration that is accompanied by presents includes a wish list primarily populated by running-type items. Inevitable!

And this year it is no different. In light of the fact that we are just barely over one month away from Christmas and there are lots of items on my running wish list, I wanted to share...you know, just in case anyone is listening (cough, husband/kids/friends, cough, cough). So in no particular order (well, except for the first item because I really, really, really want it!) here they are:

1. Garmin Forerunner 220

I currently have the Garmin Forerunner 305 and it has been my faithful and loyal companion for the past 3.5 years and it is still going strong. So why do I want a new one? Well, because the latest and greatest from Garmin is way too awesome to pass up!!! A couple of the features that just make me drool are: Calorie burn based on actual effort; built-in accelerometer that tracks distance and pace indoors so I can use it on my treadmill; color display; and all of the same features that I have come to love on my 305 like customized workouts, Garmin Connect, and so much more. At $299 this is definitely not a bargain gift though...

2. Nathan Speed 4R Hydration Pack
I have done a lot of experimenting with hydration packs while out on the run. The reality is that I like to carry something with me because I don't like being thirsty and having to wait for an aid station. I want to be able to drink what I want, when I want. I started off with a Fuel Belt and it worked pretty well, but it was an older hand-me-down version that I got from someone else so it still had the elastic holsters which I found easy to remove the flask from, but putting back was very difficult. I then experimented with a hand-held but didn't particularly like it. From there I got a Camelbak and even though I liked it the most, what I didn't like was the tube bouncing. I tried various clipping methods but none that was just...well, perfect. I am now back to a handheld by Nathan and I like it, but it can only carry one type of liquid so I'm either getting water or something else, but not both. When (if) I get to training for a full marathon I am going to want to carry water, sports drink, AND watered-down energy gels (I have read that many folks will squeeze the packets in then add water to make them easier to drink...and I am definitely down for giving that a try as I do find the thicker consistency of my beloved GU Chocolate Outrage hard to ingest on the run). So I think the above just might be the perfect hydration companion!

3. Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

I have some compression socks and I love them, but I would like to get sleeves so they can more easily be worn with the socks I want during races or with the shoes I want during recovery.

4. Injinji Toe Socks

Speaking of socks...my sister has been a wearer for several years and I finally decided to check them out this year and I can see why she likes them so much! Having the independent toes allows for a more natural foot response since my toes can move independent of each other and they are supposed to cut down on blisters for the same reason.

5. Run Pretty Far Tee

I have been a longtime fan of Run Pretty Far for many reasons including the fact that it is a small independently owned company started up by a pretty phenomenal lady because she wanted technical clothes that were also pretty. I recognize that there are other companies that also strive for the same thing, Oiselle and Lululemon are two that come to mind right off the bat, but what sets Run Pretty Far way above those is that they aren't just pretty, they are AFFORDABLE too. You get high quality gear that you look great in too. It doesn't hurt that Jennifer Hughes, the owner/creator, also happens to write amazing blog posts about her running adventures, but she is a crazy inspiration too as she completes ultras and regularly "eats mountains for breakfast" (one of her shirt slogans). If you want to support a woman runner that is working for all the right reasons, support Run Pretty Far and buy something. (No I'm not paid for these statements...I just completely and totally believe in Jenn and her RPF vision). FYI...the back of that shirt pictured above says in a nice pretty script "Just Run".

6. Fire on the Track DVD
For anybody that runs you can't escape the name "Steve Prefontaine". He is a track legend and because he lost his life way too early we will never know exactly what he was truly capable of. I recently got to travel to Eugene Oregon for my cousin's wedding and running on Pre's Trail was a definite highlight of my trip. Just visiting the same hallowed grounds that he ran makes me want to learn more and more about who he was in running and in his life. This is just one of the several documentaries about him and I would like to watch it before I watch either of the movie versions of his life (I lean more towards the Jared Leto pic because I just love Jared Leto! haha). Some say that this is the BEST documentary about Pre.

So there you have it - my (short?) list of items that are on my runner's wish list for the holidays. And if any of the companies of the products up above want to generously provide them to me in return for a review, well, I suppose that would be okay. ;-) hehe If you wish to send me any of these items because you just love me so, I'm happy to provide you with a mailing address.


  1. #1 is also # 1 on my list! I also need to check out the Run Pretty shirts, because I too like stylish and affordable!

    1. Luisa - here's to hoping we BOTH get our #1 wish list item!!!