Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Do You Mean It's Not Thursday?

So as I see it, my biggest problem today is the fact that my brain is convinced it is THURSDAY; however, as you know, it is only Wednesday. *sigh* Apparently I'm already prepared for the week to be over which means I probably have a long day ahead of myself.

Life is seriously funny sometimes because I swear when one of my kids is going through something in life, it seems like they all go through something at the same time. You know how in the Kung Fu movies of old all the bad guys would kind of stand off to the side and come at the hero separately, one at a time. He would defeat one and then the next baddie would come in for his turn at an ass-whooping? Well, I really wish it was like that in real life! HA!

House of Flying Daggers - FYI, one of my favorite movies!
I got two calls yesterday, after kid drama the last two weekends to boot, after the weekends before that watching my poor little girl's heart mend from being broken following a break-up. It's tough. I have to say that there are a lot of difficult things about parenting, but seeing your kids struggle and not being able to fix it has got to be some of the toughest stuff ever. Now, if only I could get them to cooperate and only have one kid at a time having issues then it might be easier. ;-)

But the up-side (if there really is one, because there just isn't really) is that I have been getting to spend lots of quality time with my 2-year old grandson, Joshua. AKA "bubbies". Back story...when he was first born for whatever reason I took to calling him Bubbas, as in "bubba, bubba, ooohhh cooo bubba" (baby talk...there just isn't anything else in the world like it!) and it just kind of became his nickname that has stuck. Anyhoo, he was over last night and as I mentioned the other day, one of the things he likes to do is "make it" by pretend cooking. He's so cute!!!

Joshua "cooking"
An empty bowl, spoon and sitting on the counter and he's good to go! Having little ones around sure does make the painful moments go down a heck of a lot smoother.

On a totally good note, I headed out for a run yesterday wearing a new handy-dandy knee support brace that I had purchased on Friday (I had previously given it a little test run/walk on Saturday that also went pretty well) and it was mahvelous!! No pain and pretty much no achiness even throughout the day. I am anxiously hopeful to say that it is on the mend and with the added support I just might be back to being a runnin' fool. But just to make sure, I also have a doctor appointment scheduled for Friday morning.

I'm still struggling with getting into the holiday spirit, but I took one step today that is already helping - I changed up my desktop theme to a holiday lights one! It is bee-u-tiful and makes my little Grinchy heart melt just a little every time I see the pretty pictures. Hey, sometimes it's the smallest things that make a difference.

Question for you: Do you ever struggle with getting into the holiday spirit??


  1. I'm sorry your kids have been having problems you can't do much to fix. I'm sure that has to be hard. That little counter nugget is cute as can be!

    As far as the holiday spirit, I'm all over it beginning in October and then from Thanksgiving to Christmas I find I spread myself too thin. That is especially true this year. There is WAY too much going on the 4 days before Christmas and at that point I feel like I'll just want it over with, which is a shame seeing how I'm THE Christmas freak. I'm taking notes for next year...NO Christmas concerts/performances because 2 of them are really getting in the way of stuff we need(ed) to get done. Still love this time of year though. Maybe I'll move so I don't have people to have to please/share our time with. HA!

  2. That's this weekend's project - dragging out the tree & Xmas decorations! but yes, as a matter of fact I'm having a TERRIBLE time getting into the "spirit"...

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  4. Ha! Great question! If you read my post from today, you can see I am NOT in the spirit, today. I think we all go into the Holidays with good intentions, but then it hits us so fast, that the snowball effect inevitably happens. One things starts another and then...boom...resident Grinch in the house! This year should be amazing, since it's our fist together as a tiny family...just us 4, noone else!