Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Commercialism at its Best!

So I always lament that, not even just Christmas - but holidays in general, have been so overly commercialized that it gets harder and harder to truly enjoy them. I mean, come on, Christmas items were already out in full force at Walmart before Halloween.

But I have to say that there were a couple of very inventive or original marketing campaigns/commercials this season that I will admit that I enjoyed the heck out of! Here they are - my picks for the best Christmas ads for 2012:

Christmas Vacation is one of my absolute favorite holiday movies and seeing these commercials was the perfect mix of nostalgia, charm and fun. They truly stuck to the "flavor" of the movie. Here's my other favorite from this series (they made three, but honestly, the third one wasn't that great).

This one literally made me giggle snort it was so funny! Because, honestly, which one of us hasn't felt like this at least once during the holiday season?!?

Finally, this one I think probably came out when I was a kid, but it always gives me such a great feeling. Perhaps because it did come out when I was just a wee one, or because it is one of the most simple and, thus, highlights the beauty of the season, or perhaps because it is chocolate. Who knows and who cares! It's an awesome commercial.

My final thought is that I was SO glad I didn't see a return of the Best Buy campaign from last year where parents were outdoing Santa (Game ON, Santa). Those just were a bad idea even if some of them were slightly funny. The idea of trying to out-do other people in the gift department just says a little too much about the commercialism of the holiday.

Question: What were some of your favorite holiday commercials either this year or previously?


  1. I like the ON sweater commercial too! I love acknowledging all of the replacement kids..."Euro Rusty." I love the Hershey Kiss one too. I also like that they still show the Campbell's chicken noodle soup commercial where the snowman comes in from the cold and it melts away to reveal the little red head kid in his flannel. That's like 1989ish isn't it? I also like the Folgers commercial where Peter comes home for Christmas and wakes everyone up with the smell of coffee. I'm a huge Christmas sentimental nerd.

    1. I just teared up this morning over that Folgers commercial too! My comment to hubby was "gets me every. single. time". And the Campbell's one! Another classic that never gets old. Thanks for reminding of those two!

  2. Too bad I'm boycotting ON for taking their plus sizes out of brick-&-mortar stores (only available on-line now)...
    I figure if they don't want to see this Fat Girl in their store, they don't deserve my business!

    (& if you read my latest SP blog, you'll understand why I'm a long way from being in the holiday spirit :-(

    But happy holidays to you & yours Kristen!


    1. Hi Val! That's a bummer about ON moving the plus size to online only. I had no idea, but then again, I don't buy from ON anyways. I've found their clothes to lack in quality. And hmmm...haven't read the blog over at Spark, but will make sure I do. Hang in there, girl!

  3. Guess I should quit lurking and leave a comment every once in awhile. Love those ads....made me laugh. Thanks :).