Monday, December 3, 2012


I have a lot I want to say...but when I start typing it, it comes out sounding like a lot of complaints and that definitely is NOT where I want to go today. The reality is that the knee is still an issue, but a little less of one as I did purchase a knee support brace and headed out on Saturday and all went fairly well...except it was achy the entire rest of Saturday. So there's a gripe wrapped in a good moment and I just don't want to go there.

It's now officially December, so I should be feeling all festive, right? Yeah, if festive is Bah Humbug! I want to appreciate the holiday, not dread it and I just don't want to go there.

I could go on...BUT I'm going to focus on the good stuff for a moment. Stuff like this picture that I snapped at the mall on Friday.

Holiday Tree at Temecula Valley Mall
Stuff like spending time at the mall with my girls having a good time window shopping and absorbing holiday gift ideas. What's really cool is towards the end of our trip they were heading into one or two more stores to make some purchases. I decided to sit for a moment as my knee was griping at me and then I realized - hey wait a second...we drove separate vehicles...I don't HAVE to wait for them. When I told them that, they literally said "no - you CAN'T GO!" We want you to stay with us." How cool is that? I love the relationship I have with my little ladies!!!

I got to pretend cook with the little Joshua this weekend - that dude just loves to "make it". Give him an empty bowl, a spoon and some accessories and he turns into Jamie Oliver! He's so stinkin' cute! (and one of these days I'll actually remember to take pictures of these moments...)

One of the beauties of running super early in the morning is when it's the holiday season and someone leaves their holiday lights on all night like this:

I love getting a winter wonderland in the middle of a run! AWESOME!

So even though life is far from perfect, there are clearly lots of wonderful things going on too. It's just a matter of which I'd rather look at and I'm choosing the good stuff today!

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