Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happiness Is...

I'm not feeling too wonderful today...just feel off - headache, queasiness. Not fun stuff to say the least. But I'm at work and trying to make the most of my day and what better way to do that than to think for even just a few moments about what happiness is!

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Happiness is...warm clothes out of the dryer
Happiness is...a perfect cup of coffee and a good book/magazine
Happiness is...Spring Break vacations
Happiness is...crossing stuff off of the to-do list
Happiness is...kisses
Happiness is...pretty pens in lots of colors
Happiness is...sunshine peeking through clouds
Happiness is...candles
Happiness is...bouncy balls
Happiness tabs in all the pretty colors peeking out of a textbook
Happiness is...highlighter pens
Happiness is...friendship
Happiness is...healthy food
Happiness is...a comfy bed
Happiness is...running shoes
Happiness is...reading
Happiness is...wildflowers in bloom

I could really go on all day, but even though my body may be rebelling against me today, I can still find some little things that make me happy! Your turn - what makes YOU happy?


  1. Happiness is...A DONE THESIS!!!!


  2. Therese - you could NOT be more right!!! I am happy FOR you!!! :-)

  3. Happiness is being there for your grandparents and knowing they're grateful.

    Happiness is going to your old elementary school playground to forget about the sucky parts of adulthood for awhile.

    Happiness is 80's music. Gnarley.