Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finding Positive...

I'm a positive girl, living in a negative world. I now expect to have that song "Barbie World" stuck in my head all day! 

Image Source: shwedarling.com

I mean, look at Barbie - she's so happy ALL THE TIME! You never see a sad Barbie...they don't make her that way. You don't see an angry raging Biotch Barbie - now that would be something to see wouldn't it?!? Might be pretty funny...but in reality, she's made to be happy. And so are we if we get down to brass tacks. We have been made to be happy people; yet so often, we aren't.

This is what I said to my friend yesterday - I don't want much...I want to appreciate the sun on my face, a blue sky, love, friendship, a good job, happiness, green grass. So why is it that so often our time and attention is turned from these positive points of lightness to nagging, moaning and groaning. Why are we as a society such negative people??? We are bombarded with it constantly from the news to TV shows that amplify suffering to people saying the most random and hurtful things on social networking feeds because they are "anonymous" or simply because they can.

I have a great job and for the most part I love it...but man, are there are lot of negative vibes in my little corner of the world. It makes it difficult sometimes to just keep your head up.

Have you ever noticed how when you are feeling good and positive you almost feel like a balloon is tied to your head lifting you off of the ground...like it is anchored to your core and you walk taller, step lighter, drift along like some other force is pulling you.

But when you are negative, cranky and irritable it feels like the opposite - like you have a ball and chain tied to your feet and when you walk it is pulling you closer to the ground where you feel like you might have to crawl because the weight is so great and you can no longer drag it around. It is heavy and suffocating. It's not fun and it feels like the weight of the world.

So if one feels light and fluffy and the other feels heavy and suffocating, why do we choose the heavy so much more often than the light????

I'm struggling right now with just staying positive...but that is where I want to be. So when faced with all the negative, what do I do to find some positive???

  • I turn off the world. Skip the social networking, news, etc.
  • I search out other positive people by reading happy blogs, viewing photo streams of people having fun, being creative, enjoying themselves, etc.
  • I walk in the sun, feel fresh air on my skin, enjoy the power of a body in a motion
  • I find a creative outlet like photography, reading, journaling, blogging, etc to remind myself that there is more in life than working and negative situations
  • And More!
The point is that we are in charge of only ourselves - we can't control the people around us...even if sometimes we think we can or want to! LOL So when faced with things that bring you down, it is up to us to find the things that will bring us back up. So I'm choosing to grab on to that little balloon and float above it all. Others may be getting sucked down by their ball and chain, but I'm grabbing the balloon string. How about you? What are you choosing today?

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  1. You are SO right! I had a co-worker who was a constant complainer, frown permanently etched on her face and you didn't dare ask her how she was doing because she'd tell you. But she had her good qualities too which made me like her. Unfortunately as mama said "you are the company you keep" and I got labeled the same out of association. Finally I had to tell her I couldn't take the negativity all the time and she should want more for herself. She didn't like that very much. Oh well!

    The point? We have to stand up for our own happiness even if it's not what others want. Let's try to throw that ball and chain in the water somewhere and let it sink!