Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jumping Ship?

Hello, World, hope you're listenin' (bonus points if you know what song that is...answer at the bottom of post)! Hey, did you know that apparently there is a movie called "Jumping Ship" that starred Blossom's little brother? Oh wait...I guess he probably has a name - Joey Lawrence! I'm probably dating myself just a bit there, eh? Isn't it funny how Blossom is now on Big Bang Theory and is actually smart IN REAL LIFE?!? I know she's a neurosomethingorother, but I swear I will never be able to think of her as anything other than Blossom.

Okay, so totally not what I'm writing about today, but got a little sidetracked there. Let's get back to what exactly I'm thinking about jumping ship on.

So when I started marathon training I picked out the Train Like a Mother Finish It plan. I really liked that the plan took into consideration the fact that as a mother runner a person might still have other responsibilities in life that could make it difficult to dedicate every single waking moment to a training plan. Heck, you don't even have to be a Mother Runner to have other responsibilities. Now that I'm 12 weeks into training and past the halfway point I seriously wonder exactly HOW people go about training for a marathon. I have been able to hit very few of the actual mileage goals laid out in the plan and that just...sucks. Annnnnnndddddd...that brings about my thinking of jumping ship.

Now, now, now - I'm not thinking of bailing on the marathon yet. But I'm thinking about changing up the training plan. I've found that the way my body seems to work best is if it is a week on and a week off a little less on. Let me explain...

I was able to do the 16 miles on plan on Saturday, June 29. Then Saturday, July 5 rolls around and I could only manage half of what I did the week before. And most of that was in total misery. Same thing when I did the 14 mile run; the next week I dropped down to 9 even though I should have done 15.

Second example, this morning should have been EIGHT MILES with 4 of those at negative split. I was able to carve out time to do 4, period. I woke up at 3:30 AM to do those and it's just not freaking possible for me to get up any earlier than that. I'm sorry...I guess I'm not at that super freak level where I don't need sleep yet. Granted, I had a little gastrointestinal issue that ate up some time, but still. I never would have gotten anywhere close to 8. And I'm okay with that!!! I really am!! If you've been following along you already know that I've confessed that I'm struggling.

I recognize that because I haven't been able to hit my training as hard as I would have liked to that it is going to be reflected in my performance on race day. And I'm coming to terms with that. Would I love to be able to totally kill this thing? Hell yeah!! But the reality is that I'm going to be one of those marathon FINISHERS...I probably will want to die several times, and I think I would be crazy if I didn't. I accept that this is where I'm at right now.

So, when I was researching training plans I had checked out several different options. And one of the ones I had saved and quickly dismissed (at the time I probably thought it was too "simplistic") was Coach Jenny Hadfield's Beginner Marathon Training Plan. So I saved it away in a computer folder and didn't really think about it again. Until today when I pulled up my TLAM plan to look at something and saw this one saved in the same folder. So I opened it...and lo and behold!!! It appeared to be something similar to what I was kind of thinking of Frankenplanning the other one into. HA!

Here, take a look at the Week 12 through whatever is in this small snip of it:

So I'm on week 12 and that means that this weekend would be only 8 glorious miles instead of the 18 on my TLAM plan!!!! And then check out next week - 16 miles. And the week after that, back down to 8! In other words, it does what my body seems to need which is hard week, less-hard week, hard week.

Also, I know I cut it all off but if you look at the preview of the plan on Coach Jenny's website you'll see that the week starts on Monday with an easy run FOR TIME instead of distance. Then on Tuesday, that 30-45 minutes you see on most weeks is actually cross-training/strength. Then on Wednesday it is another run at a moderate effort with some Tempos thrown in there towards the later weeks on the plan. Thursday is another cross/strength day. Friday is an easy effort run for time and then the long run on Saturday is all about actual miles instead of time.

So there you have it...I'm thinking about jumping ship and changing training plans midstream.

What do you think? Brilliant or should I stick with what I was already doing?

(one of my absolutely most favorite songs ever...)


  1. I'm training for my second marathon after a brutally miserable experience with my first. I wanted a plan that would be manageable, wouldn't wreck my body before race day, and would still prepare me to have a strong marathon. THIS Jenny Hadfield plan is the one I picked. Last summer I trained for an Olympic Tri and it was all time-based. It was the first time I'd done any training based on time instead of mileage and it ended up being just what my body needed. I hit my A goal and had a great race too. So I knew I wanted to do this marathon training with some sort of time-based component.

    I love this plan because during the busy week it doesn't force me to bang out X miles. Instead, it tells me to run for an hour - if I'm feeling great I'll run faster, if I'm not I'll run slower. Either way I'm still getting in solid time on my feet and I'm not stressing out my body.

    Probably way more than you wanted :) But I thought you'd like to know that I too researched & researched how to do this marathon and this plan feels like a great fit so far. I'm on week 4 - marathon date: November 1. Good luck!

    1. Oh my gosh - thank you so much for your response!!! Getting some validation that I'm not crazy to think that time based instead of distance, outside of the long runs, is exactly what I needed to hear!! Thanks again!

  2. I think you should totally jump ship, especially if what you are doing is similar to the Jenny plan! Your body is smart enough to know what it needs. Trust it and it will take you to the starting line and across the finish line.

    1. Thanks Luisa! I think you're totally right...I'm going to plug the new workouts into the ol' Garmin tonight!

  3. You might as well have been speakin' Swahili for this girl. I'm not a runner so I'm completely unqualified to weigh in on this but go you, regardless! :)

  4. It sounds like a great plan from the non long distance some times wogger. :). I love that you are coming up with the plan to stick with it!