Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Commercialism at its Best/Worst?

Last year I shared some of my favorite Christmas commercials of the season and the big winner was the Old Navy spots featuring one of my favorite families - The Griswolds. They were clever and fun and I truly enjoyed them!

I have to say that this year I haven't seen any commercials that really hit the spot. There are a couple sort of cute this Chevy ad about the Jolly...Ogre.

And then there's the poor Honda guy who has really been tested this year on how helpful he really is.

My husband has taken to walking around the house saying "We may have to twist this one". hahaha And I have to say I love how the penguin kicks the fish back in. Makes me giggle every time.

Finally there's this one that I have to say is one of the worst of the year, but oh goodness how it makes me giggle-snort like a school kid at the same time. It's truly horrible if you really stop to think about it too much.

I would definitely hate to be the guy with the little ding-a-ling at the end. I'm just sayin'...haha

So there you have it - some of the best or worst; your call!

What are your favorite holiday commercials this year?


  1. Yeah, Honda guy has me chuckling this year. "May have to twist this one" gets me EVERY TIME. I can't not laugh. Missed the penguin one before this, that's funny..."they're at the bottom"...poor Honda guy. K-mart ad....geez what to say about a bunch of guys shaking their of the weirdest funny ads ever-lol. He's not exactly Christmas, but the Dodge/Ron Burgundy ads make me laugh. In the end though, there really hasn't been anything outstanding this year.

    1. Yeah the Joe Boxer main comment is "That's just so WRONG!! But wow that sure is funny!!"