Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Closing Out 2017...and It's Been Awhile!

And here we are...in 2018! The last time I posted a blog was in September 2016. Holy Schnikes!!! That's absolute insanity! So what have I been doing since then? Well, pretty much what haven't I been doing would be easier to answer. And that comes down to two things: 1) blogging LOL; and 2) running consistently. I have been buried in work and school so priorities dictated that a few things fall to the wayside while others took precedence...and here we are! So rather than try to be all blah blah blah let me give you a recap of the past 15 months, I'll just start from where I'm at right now and that's closing out 2017.

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At the beginning of the year I selected my one word after closing out a year of NOW in 2016. The past year was a year of BELIEVE and it was a good word in many ways, but in many ways it was a blah word too. I think I took the easy way out on that one, but it seemed like a good word back in January 2017 as I entered a new realm in my life with a promotion that I had spent, well, pretty much my entire career working for. And the sole reason I was back in school working on completing my Bachelor's Degree. That job started as an Interim position in January 2017 and became permanent end of July 2017. Hallelujah!! I also felt like Believe would be an important word as I spent an entire solid year in school pushing hard to complete in early 2018. And there were many days that I had to dig deep and believe that it was first, the right thing to be doing, and second, that I could complete what felt like a monumental task. I was reminded often that timing was everything as I was super thankful I wasn't trying to raise small children in the middle of this. It was a pretty challenging year - but I had an AMAZING year in my career and school! Tough, and many times I felt like I just might have bitten off more than I could chew, but in the end - so. good.

I ran some, but really not much. I thought that BELIEVE would get me through keeping up with my running, at least minimally, but alas, it had to take a backseat and I reminded myself often that what I believed wasn't always going to be reality. Many times throughout the year I found out that I was having to remind myself what my word even was because it just never was in the forefront; but that's kind of how everything was this past year. The only thing in the forefront most of the time was just getting through one day and then the next. I never really felt like I was in control this past year - the activities surrounding my life were driving and it felt like everything was "when I'm done with school I will [fill in the blank]...run again, spend more time with the kids, enjoy summer, have Friday afternoons of TV, watch that show, watch that movie, eat healthier, drink more water..." You name it, I've probably said it this past year. Everything has been a giant INHALE while waiting for school to be over. It's kind of felt like an all-consuming fire many times and I'm just trying to fight through the flames to find the Exit door. But when I pause, I can say that I've enjoyed a lot of it!

I really enjoyed learning and feel like, as much as I hate to admit it because I waited so long to do it, that getting a higher education degree does make a difference! I started out jumping through a hoop, but learned along the way that it has broadened my critical thinking skills and to look at situations from a different frame of perspective. Whaddya know...education does PAY! hahaha I also got to know a lot of awesome people and know that I'm going to be graduating in May with several that have become lifelong friends! I also joined the Student Advisory Council on the advice of my favorite professor and participated in several online activities and meetings to assist the Career Center in meeting the needs of their students and graduates. It has been such a rewarding time but I won't lie - I can't wait to be done on March 4th! Two more classes in 8 more weeks starting back up on January 8. Sooooooo close!!

I don't want to write a novel, so I'm going to wrap it up and say that even though 2017 was full of challenges figuring out how to do a new job, be a leader, go to school, take care of the house, give the family some time and attention, work out and care for my physical self, eat healthy(ish) and more, it was a pretty darn good year and one that I'm happy to tie a neat little bow around. It was a year of growth and believing in myself even when it felt like all the balls I was juggling were going to fall to the ground. Goodbye 2017! I'm looking forward to 2018 being even better!

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