Monday, January 4, 2016

Training Lately...

I mentioned in my Ultimate Coffee Date post that I reviewed my Believe training journal from the last year and was disappointed by how often I saw remarks like "could have done better" or "ugh, bad week in training", or even "skipped this, skipped this, and skipped this".

I also mentioned that I usually do the same thing every year - I say THIS YEAR I'm going to do a better job! THIS YEAR I'm going to train like a beast. THIS YEAR I'm going to hit all my workouts. But do I? Nope...

It's so frustrating and, honestly, I don't know how to go about breaking out of that destructive cycle. I start a training cycle fired up and ready to totally go Beast Mode all over it and halfway through I'm shortening workouts, skipping the stretching, and that's only IF I did the workout at all. By the end I'm just like Eh - whatever...I've already screwed the pooch on this one anyways. NEXT TIME I'll kill it. Ugh...

So how has my training been going lately? Let's see...

Monday 12/28: Did the 3 miles, but didn't hit the paces Coach Tiffany gave me
Tuesday 12/29: Rested (could have done a Barre workout, but I opted for total lazy instead)
Wednesday 12/30: 3 miles, but walked half of it for no real good reason
Thursday 12/31: Skipped my 3 mile timed workout
Friday 1/1: Light stretching and leg balance exercises
Saturday 1/2: Should have done 6 miles, did 3.3 instead
Sunday 1/3: Light stretching and leg balance exercises

So there's an entire week of workouts and you can see that I pretty much blew off every single one of them in one way or another AND I have a flipping half marathon in 6 days!!!! Seriously...why do I sabotage myself like this?!? I don't get it...I'm actually pretty good about getting my work job done, why can't I apply the same principles to my workouts? Or my healthy eating? I'm pretty much figuring that Coach Tiffany is totally disgusted with me or at the very least is questioning my commitment to my she should be on both fronts.

But I'll keep on trying guys...I'm not going to just quit saying THIS YEAR, or THIS TRAINING CYCLE, or even THIS DAY. I'm going to keep pushing to kill it because perhaps someday I actually will!!! I will give myself credit for something - I don't quit. I keep failing and won't give up. hahaha

Seriously though - I'm all about persistence folks, even if it is persistence at telling myself to be persistent. Someday it's gotta stick, right?? ;-)

One thing I am going to do though is share my training progress a little more. I know it might be boring as hell for some and you have my permission to skip it completely if you so desire. But I need some accountability if I'm going to head into my new training cycle - heck, if I'm going to head into my planned workout tomorrow! - with the right frame of mind of totally killing it. I can do it...I can do it...I can do it. Say it with me now... :-)


  1. Definitely sharing your progress is a huge part of community support and motivation. Sometimes the simple process of thinking about how you're going to communicate your training progress reveals somethings you wouldn't have thought of if you had just kept it in your own head and heart. One thing that's key for me is to remember there is ALWAYS something to learn about myself, what motivates me, and what is important to me. So even if I'm feeling disappointed in my results...if I can learn something about how I work or think, then it is all still a worthwhile experience!

    1. I love that! You're right - each experience is something that can offer a new nugget of information that can be utilized in making me my best version yet! I'm still working on figuring out how...but I'm confident I'll get there. Thank you for stopping by! :-)

  2. I think sometimes we just get comfortable. Like when you see that saying about no matter how slow you're going you're still lapping everyone on the couch. (Something like that) So it's easy to point out we're still better than doing nothing even if we know we're not giving it our best. I don't know if that's the case with you or not but I know it is for me. I used the excuse that because I didn't eff up my workout schedule over the holidays that it was better than blowing that off AND going off the food rails. (I still can't see my trusty "gut divot" that let's me know I'm at my comfy weight. Rut Roh. Dough dough everywhere!)