Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Walking Dead...

That's pretty much what they should have put on the front of my house a few weeks back because we've been like the Walking Dead around there dealing with a massive upper respiratory sickness that settled over the entire family like a plague! Over dramatic? Yeah, maybe just a little...but I don't know - we're still not all the way out of the clear yet! Ha ha...

It all started a few weeks back with my granddaughter and son getting sick. Then it spread to grandson, then to me, then to my husband and daughter, and now to my other daughter and the just barely even 1-month old little guy!! :-( It's so heartbreaking to see him sniffling and coughing and you know he just doesn't even understand why he feels so miserable. On top of it all, poor Melissa gets to find out way too quickly how hard it is to handle a baby when all you want to do is lay in a heap of Kleenex and sleep but still have a little guy that wants to eat and poop and stuff.

I, on the other hand, am finally starting to feel like I'm just about back to normal. I started feeling sick on November 6th!! And it is now the 17th...do the math and that is 11 days of feeling like crud. It has not been fun let me tell ya...and the bad news? The son and granddaughter that started this whole thing - they are sick again!! And not just kind of sick - full blown sick. And that's what everyone that has been sick with this thing has said - it comes back. Dunh, Dunh, Dunnnnnnhhhhhhhh

I'm sure they aren't talking about the same thing I'm talking about...but whatever. It works. LOL
So we've been dealing with the plague, but there is hope that we will come out of it eventually. I know all two of you that read these things are dying to know about my back-to-back 10k's right? Well, the first one didn't happen and it was heartbreaking to have to skip out on it, but it was the right call (one made by my husband because I was stubborn enough to go run it half dead anyways). And this past weekend's 10k did happen, and I had a great time, but the PR dream was crushed thanks to many days of workouts missed and the lingering fatigue and cough from this whole thing. I'll do a full race report on the one I did back in October and this one very soon. I promise...Just know that it was an awesome course and well-run event and I would love to go back to it again next year and hopefully be at 100% health because it is a PR-Dream Course for sure!!

So to wrap things up I have a little gift for you in a discount code for Skirt Sports!

That's right - 40% off of EVERYTHING on the site including sale items!! This is HUGE so don't miss out on this! Let me just say that my favorite items lately are the Redemption Capris in any of the prints and the Happy Girl Skirt. This is a great opportunity to get a jump on holiday shopping or to just pick up a few things you're going to need once all those New Year's Resolutions come rolling around. :-)

Stay in the pursuit of quality, friends! Talk to ya again soon...


  1. Oh my goodness - we had the crud for 4 weeks and it turned into infections for two of us, so I 100% know how you were feeling! Seriously! And excited to check out the discount!! :)

    1. I know a lot of people have had to get antibiotics to kick it, so I'm glad we aren't there and hope we don't GET there ever. Keeping my fingers crossed...And have fun with a Skirt Sports shopping spree!! My cart is full and I'm just debating how much I can get away with buying for myself when the holidays are around the corner. LOL

  2. Boo for the creepin' crud! I hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon! I had a light bout for 9 days and that's short for me. I'm praying it's all I get this year.

    1. I will send you all the good vibes that you don't get more this year either because you've been hit hard the last few years - you deserve a light-illness year for sure! <3