Friday, October 16, 2015

Sometimes You Just GOTTA GO...

Hey all! I'm super excited to share with you a new product that Skirt Sports is offering through a Kick Starter campaign! It's called the Gotta Go skirt and it has a really cool back story...Let me fill you in!

The Backstory:
Skirt Sports brought the very first running skirt to market over 10 years ago. Since day one our mission has been to help every woman of any body type feel confident and pretty while running. But real life often gets in the way of that pretty feeling...and sometimes that coveted PR. 
You know what we are talking about: 

  • The not-so-glamorous struggle to get your skirt back up over sweaty thighs and glutes after a mid-run pee stop.
  • The nervous glances over your shoulder as you try to be discreet and speedy behind a shrub when there is no porta potty in sight.
  • The pads, leaks, or stressful tampon changes while running and racing.
  • The embarrassing leaks that 1 in 3 women experience from exercise-induced incontinence, sadly prompting many of them to avoid running altogether.

On April Fool's Day 2015 we sent out an email featuring a Trap Door™ Skirt that allows us women to finally answer nature's call without baring our assets. When THOUSANDS of women responded urging us to make the product for real we realized we had struck a chord.

Skirt Sports has always pushed the envelope on clothing to address the needs of real women. But product innovation is risky for a small company. 
Hitting our Kickstarter goal will enable us to place a production order for the Gotta Go Skirt. 
If you want the Gotta Go Skirt -- if it is the piece of run apparel you have been waiting for -- it's up to you to make it a reality. If we don't hit our Kickstarter goal, we won't be producing this product. The goal is $35,000 and there is already $8,000+ pledged!! As a women's running community we CAN make this happen!!! There are a lot of early backer rewards too! Don't miss out...
Okay, so I'm sure you want to see how this whole "trap door" thing works, right?

Here's some of the actual skirt details:
The Gotta Go Running Skirt builds upon our most popular running skirt -- the Gym Girl. It has all the great features and flair that athletes love from their Skirt Sports running skirts PLUS our innovative new Trap Door construction:
  • Trap Door: A flap on the shorties secured with low profile hook & loop means you remain fully covered on the go but have easy access to the Relief Hatch. The Trap Door flap is pad-compatible for secure confidence and easy swaparoos. 
  • Relief Hatch: An opening in the shorties under the Trap Door anatomically aligned with your lady bits to enable easy error-free evacution when you squat. 
  • Skirt: Mimicing our most popular skirt, the Gym Girl, the Gotta Go is 13.5" in front, 14.5" in back. Flattering lightweight fast drying AeroLight Jersey fabric (87% poly / 13% spandex) in black.
  • Under the Skirt: Built-in no-creep chafe-free 5.5" shorties in black semi-compression mesh fabric (90% poly / 10% spandex). This is 0.5" longer than the shorts in the Gym Girl.
  • Waistband: Wide mid-rise waistband with continuous drawstring. It won't muffin top, it won't roll down, it won't slip, and it looks good on everyone!
  • Pockets Galore: Two side pockets under the skirt on the shorties, both big enough for a smartphone. One back pocket secure enough for car keys. And a super smart Sonic music port on the side to keep you from getting tangled in your headphones.
Who needs this skirt?
Any woman with:
  • A race or long run: Whether you use the bushes or the porta potty, the Trap Door™ enables you to avoid "The Struggle" of getting sweaty clothes back over your sweaty body.
  • A PR quest: Never feel you missed the target time you trained so hard for because you spent 15 minutes in a porta potty line!
  • A period: The Trap Door™ enables quick tampon and/or pad changes without getting undressed, and the back pocket is perfectly sized to hold extra supplies.
  • Athletic-induced incontinence: The pad pocket in the Trap Door™ ensures nothing rubs, chafes, or falls out when you are on the move.
  • A smartphone, keys, ChapStick®, ID, inhaler, etc: Did we mention all the pockets?
And then there's this:

Because sometimes, you just GOTTA GO!!

So, I'm sure you want to know more, right? Check out all the details for the Kick Starter Campaign here  (affiliate link) - including all the various levels of support and the early backer rewards. I'm confident that Skirt Sports will be producing this product and this is your chance to be the first to enjoy being able to go when and where without worrying about baring your "assets" to the world!

Join the revolution - the campaign ends November 19 at 12:00 AM PDT!

Question: Have you ever had to make a pit stop mid-run? If yes, was it hard to find a place to go without baring it all? 

Run happy, friends!

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