Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Been a Great Week!

Friday just always hold such a different place in our hearts, doesn't it? Even though I still have to work a 1/2 day, Fridays just hold an excitement that not even Saturday or Sunday anticipation of what kind adventures may lie ahead! Kind of silly, really, but I'm going to roll with it because I just LOVE Fridays! And this also happens to be the first Friday in October. I'm just going to ignore the fact that it still feels like summer here in SoCal...don't rip away my fall fantasy, mmmmkay?

And I especially love that this Friday wraps up a really good week! It's not that it was less busy or that I had more things go right; it just all kind of came together like it's supposed to. I was super productive at work, my workouts were totally on target, my eating was better than average (for the most part) and life just kind of...I don't know...worked this week. I don't know how else to describe it. haha

Okay, so I love that little meme right there and it capture perfectly how Friday feels - like anything is possible! But please tell me I'm not the only person that is deeply bothered by that cord hanging so dangerously close to the sink. That poor puppy could be ELECTROCUTED!!

My workouts this week consisted of a "fun" workout on Monday - so I did a little dance party bootcamp and it just made me realize how hopelessly uncoordinated I am, so I don't know how much "fun" it was, but it was different so that's good I suppose. Tuesday I hit the treadmill for 3 miles while listening to an audiobook. I gave this a whirl over the weekend and I have to say that I am 1) enjoying the diversion that a book creates even though I've caught my mind wandering more than once and have had to rewind; and 2) the book I'm listening to using on my phone.

I've never read this author, but have had her on my wish list for years and so far I'm enjoying listening to the book. I'll let you know what I think of the book once I'm done. You can always check me out on Goodreads too! Wednesday I did a full body strength training session - and quickly realized that I don't do nearly enough strength work and that strength work is so very important! I'm going to really work on getting this in on the regular more often. Thursday I did a run outside with my Mom & Sister and let me take a moment to tell you all about it...because I'm sure you're dying to know, right? hahaha

I haven't done a whole lot of speed training for a really long time because first I was dealing with the whole knee disaster and the slow process of recovering in a smart fashion, and then I was in marathon training and I just couldn't find the mojo to do speedwork during marathon training. So I got really used to the slow slog of running miles upon miles. So I was a little nervous about how I would feel on Thursday during the intervals. Would they feel impossible? Would I want to die during them? Would I need to stop early and recover longer? All my fears were laid to rest because I absolutely KILLED IT!

My first 1/2 mile interval was in a normal pace range for me - 11:30/mile. The second one was in the goal range of 10:00 something/mile. The third and fourth intervals - 9:30/mile! Just know, that's FAST for me! And I handled it just fine. What's even better is that they were negative splits the entire way through, meaning I got faster for each one. So, needless to say, I rode that runner's high all day long. And that right there captures so much of why I love running. It's a challenge and when I meet it I feel invincible!

And then Friday, well, I did nothing today. hahahaha We all need rest, right? I took it today.

Okay, another awesome thing about this week? I got a fabulous shipment of fun stuff yesterday...check it out:

On the left is the Dell Venue 32GB tablet from Amazon. You see, one of the things I haven't shared yet, but one of the reasons I've been buried, is that I'm officially back in school. I'm working towards my Bachelor's Degree as I never bothered to get it previously because I really didn't need it. I got my Associate's Degree in 2006 and was already working in my dream job in my chosen career field. I didn't really have any plans to change that, but since I work in education it is really encouraged that we...have our education? hahaha Makes sense right? So, I'm finally getting it done and that tablet is going to help me be able to be more productive on the go. Namely, so I can do homework during my lunch hour because I refuse to give up my working out time in the mornings and it has to get done somehow. Then next to that is the new The Oatmeal book about, yeah, running (big shock there, right?). I'm a huge Oatmeal fan so I can't wait to pore over the beautiful pages and pages of fun! And then finally is new Nespresso capsules for the cappuccino machine!! Here's my baby (shhh - don't tell my hubby that it's "my baby" because he thinks it was for him):

It's a beautiful piece of machinery, isn't it?!? Java lovers UNITE! hahaha
So it's been a great week and I'm hoping to carry it forward into the weekend! I will be kicking it off with a hill run at The Beast tomorrow morning, and you know what's totally sick and demented? I. Can't. Wait!!!

What's on your weekend plans?


  1. Why do I have the urge to buy you a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and fruit scented mechanical pencil now that I know you're back in school? :-)

    1. And I have a feeling that a fruit scented mechanical pencil and Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox would make it oh so much more tolerable!!! I might actually need to find those things to keep that school mojo at the top end! :-)