Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't Call it an Update...

I recognize that I'm pretty horrible at this blogging thing...I just haven't had anything to say lately! Now, there's lots going on and lots of things I've thought about and I may have even had some epiphanies in there, but they never seem to take root for very long and by the time I sit down to pound it out, the thought is gone and I've moved on to the next thing. And then before you know it, I feel like all I'm doing is a lame "update" post about what I've been doing lately. Silly. Or as my granddaughter Angelique would say, "you're siwwy!" That is one of her favorite things to say! Another favorite? If you say to her "Angie, where's Daisy?" she says back in a little squeaky run on voice "IdunnoknowwhereDaisy?" as she looks around - even if she's literally RIGHT THERE she still looks around like she can't find her. And you know why? Because I don't think she's just looking for Daisy the family dog, she's looking for Daisy Duck! It's pretty darn funny because it's her first true sentence - she can't find the dog or the duck. Siwwy!

We celebrated Joshua's 3rd birthday this past weekend - he turned the big three on Friday the 13th. Good thing we aren't superstitious, right? We headed to Disneyland after I got off work at noon and we had a blast! That kid already knows how to do Disneyland up right! I think his favorite ride was probably Tow-Mater's Junkyard Jamboree over in California Adventure. I didn't ride it because we had just eaten food and my stomach was a little unsettled, and watching the ride I figured it was a safe bet to skip it at that particular time! The girls said he laughed the entire time he was on it though. His other favorite had to be Luigi's Flying Tires. Oh, and he got to meet Lightning McQueen! Well, sort of anyways. They went up to him after waiting in line and he panicked! He couldn't do it...just held on to his Momma as tight as possible. Oh well, maybe next time he'll feel a little more brave.

"This way, Momma!"
I just love the little skip in his step in that picture! And yes, that's his Momma walking with him, and yes, she really did birth him, and no she didn't get the fabulous bounce-back-after-baby-genes from me seeing how it's been 19 years and I'm still trying to drop the "baby weight"!

Hey - did you hear? The Autumn Season has begun!!!!! How do I know? These are back in stores and me and the hubby could not be happier!!

Forget Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL as they seem to be calling it this year, at Starbucks. The first sure sign that Fall has arrived is the Thomas Pumpkin Spice Bagels! As I said to my hubby in the text message I sent him with that picture attached: Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh!!! That's some good stuff right there. Fall is on its way, Thank God!

My knee continues to do great and I'm progressing along on the 10k training. As a matter of fact, I will complete it next weekend on 9/28! Hard to believe that time is flying by so quickly. Oh wait, it's not hard to believe at all!! That's just life, it seems. I'm pretty darn excited to wrap up the 10k training and move on to Half Marathon. I think we just might have found the race too. It's a small, local race that has been running a 5k and 10k for the past 4 years, but has added a half marathon for their 5 year anniversary. It's in Riverside, CA and is the Citrus Heritage Run. Not signed up yet, but definitely seriously considering it. What's not to love about a local race through the orange groves capped at 800 runners with an awesome citrus designed medal and tech shirt? We just might find out...

I would love to sign off by pledging that I'll be a better blogger, but we all know how that goes! So how about I just sign off by saying no worries - I'll be back when I'm back. As Tigger would say "Ta-Ta For Now" (TTFN).


  1. Hello new post!! At least yours come a lot more frequently than mine-lol. My poor blog has spider webs. I saw those last time I was at the store and then remembered I'm not eating bread anymore :( (well only when we eat out with mom, Wasa is my new "bread"). I might have to get a pack and stick them in the freezer and use them only after a good long run :)! Glad the little man had fun at Disneyland, but then who wouldn't!! :) Okay, you know, every time we are anywhere and see anything Micky, Minnie or Daisy the kids point it out and say "Aunt Kristen would like this" LOL. Got you pegged :). Way to go on the 10k training....I kind of fell off the map there. Happy graduation next week!!

  2. Glad to see a new post under any circumstances... I also finally got a couple of updates posted on my sadly neglected blog. I'm already two days late starting my training program for Dallas White Rock Half - while I haven't officially entered ($100 entry fee, OUCH!), there's nothing that keeps me from TRAINING for it.