Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Has Time For That?

So I thought about creating a board on Pinterest titled "Who the hell has time for this sh*t", but then I realized that it would most likely be the ONLY board I was pinning to!

Like this:

Seriously, who the hell has time for that???

Or this:

Any bets on how many times you would have to perfectly line up and then tape and re-tape that laundry basket to get POLKA DOTS on your walls? And any bets on how long it would take to get sick of looking at polka dots on your walls? And besides, who the hell has time for that? LOL

25 Amazing DIY Nail Ideas

WTF??? Who the hell has time for that?

So I totally kid, but man - some of this stuff just makes me realize that I am WAY unsophisticated because I am lucky if I can swipe on two coats of polish on the tootsies because I sure as heck can't get it on my nails, much less with all kinds of little DIY designs. And yeah, my walls? They definitely aren't going to have color blocks, polka dots, or chalkboards. They are lucky they have PAINT (that may or may not have been done by professionals). But I sure am impressed that there are, indeed, folks who apparently DO have time for this sh*t! More power to 'em! But it's definitely enough to make a gal like me feel like a total slacker.

So am I the only one that looks at Pinterest and wonders "who has time for that?" (please, please, please tell me no even if its not true...hahaha)

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  1. See, I might pin the occasional thing like that because when I'm rich, I'm taking it to the salon girl to do it for me, or I'm hiring a painter because polka dots are cute for the girls'room or I really do want that chalkboard in my kitchen :). Yeah, I don't know who these people are that do this kind of thing.