Friday, April 26, 2013

My Dog Needs a Psychiatrist

I would like to introduce you all to Miss Daisy Mae. She is a Bichon Frise and has been a member of the family since she was 3 months old. She is now 8 years old. And she needs a Psychiatrist.

Miss Daisy sporting the "leisure" look
So you may be thinking she needs help for her mental illness because she likes to dress in children's clothes, but you'd be wrong. Okay - so the story behind the jammies? My kids did that as a form of torture. j/k about the torture. But the kids really did do that to her...and she didn't seem to really mind all that much. Doesn't she sport that leisure look well, though? :-)

Anyways, the reason she needs a doctor/therapist is because she is CRAZY. She goes through these phases where she adopts stuffed creatures as her "baby". But I think she really worries about her "baby" because it doesn't do anything! So then she whines constantly and then moves it around to different places. She buries it in blankets and pillows. She stuffs it in little holes to protect it. And whines, and whines and whines. When she goes outside the first thing once she comes back in is run around looking for her "baby" all in a panic like it got up and moved. We've tried hiding it in the past to get her to mellow out, but she always finds it. She sniffs it out.

She eventually gets over it, usually when she gnaws off its ears or tail (she's had a little mouse squeaker toy, and a little monkey...makes no difference, she'll adopt it if the need hits). This time around she has decided this little nasty Christmas kitty cat is her baby. It's been her chew toy for years, but now her psychosis set back in and now it's the "baby".

So yeah, my dog needs help. I'm debating finding a male dog to breed her (we never have), but my one major concern is if she is this crazy about a pretend baby what would she do with a real one???

But in the meantime, we just try reminding her that her baby is fine. Crazy dog...


  1. Aww, that's sweet! (Though I'm sure it can get a little old if it's constant! LOL) I've never bred dogs before but is 8 too old to breed? I wasn't sure if there were increased risks like there are with humans when you have babies later in life since she'd be like what, a 56 year old lady? ROFL! I wasn't sure if you knew or not and I couldn't really find anything definitive online. My friends dog did the same thing but he was a "single dad." ;)

    1. Yeah, I think it's too late to breed her. Her breed has difficult pregnancies anyways and I just don't have the heart to put her through that. So I'm thinking maybe it's time to find another Bichon puppy that she can mother. Oy vey.

  2. Miss Daisy dog is that she is ocd about her precious baby!!