Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now Is The Time...

Reposted from an alternate blog...but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this truly just pertains to life in general, so why not share in another avenue. :-)

I have this little book that my bestie got for us (she got one for herself and one for me at the same time) and it's really cool. It's called Now is the Time...and it has a little thing to focus/grab on to/whatever on each page. Kind of like a little motivation in a book and it is super varied like Now is the let go of anger and then it has a little blurb about it followed up by an appropriate quote. Okay, so anyways earlier this week this is what it said: 

Now is the time... commit yourself 
Those who succeed set themselves apart by their commitment. 
Most of us make an effort: 
we prepare; we try; but then we hope. 
If you really want to achieve something, 
you must be prepared to stretch yourself. 
You must distill your energy and focus all your efforts. 
You must give of yourself. 

"If you're not actively involved in getting what you want, you don't really want it." (Peter McWilliams) 

Then on the facing page: 
Now is the time... take control of your life 
We all have restrictions in our lives. 
But, equally, we all have vast areas of untested capacity: 
to make decisions; to plan our future; to follow our paths. 
It's easy to blame others for our inaction. 
It's easy to blame our constraints. 
Take the initiative. 
Take control. 
Decide your own journey. 

"Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others." (Buddha) 

So I challenge you (and ME!) as we look to begin a new month tomorrow - commit yourself! take control of your life! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!! Stop waiting for tomorrow or next month or next year. Stop waiting for the timing to be perfect (it never will be, by the way). Stop waiting for life to live itself - Now is the Time for YOU to decide your journey. It is in your power and your control. Grab it like you want it - Grab it like you need it - Grab LIFE! Either suck it, or leave it on the floor because today is yours and NOW IS THE TIME...

Image Source: This is a self-portrait of my daughter, Melissa Grimes. She is a budding self-taught photographer with a whole heck of a lot of talent. When I visualize the words in the blog, this is the picture I see!

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